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Grant Wiggins life crisis’ seemed to take up a huge role in A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines. Grant’s main focus was to make Jefferson into a man before he was electrocuted to death in prison. I am not saying that Jefferson was not changed from a “hog” into a man, but I believe that Grant was the one who became the bigger man. Therefore, I strongly believe that Gaines wrote this book about Wiggins; rather than Jefferson.

Grant Wiggins improved as a person greatly in A Lesson Before Dying, and for the most part this lead to improving his relationships with other people. At the beginning of the book, it seemed as Wiggins almost hated Jefferson and he had no sympathy for him or for the situation itself. After a few visits with Jefferson, Mr. Wiggins shared a friendship with him. In time, Grant was the only person Jefferson felt he could trust. The main turning point in their relationship was when Jefferson asked this one simple thing from Mr. Wiggins, “I want me a whole gallona ice cream” (Gaines 170). Jefferson told Grant that he had never had enough ice cream before in his life; hence this became one of the main points because Jefferson trusted Mr. Wiggins and that did not happen very often throughout the whole book.

“I saw a slight smile come to his face, and it was not a bitter smile. Not bitter at all” (Gaines 157) this becomes the first instance in which Jefferson breaks this gloomy obstacle and shows Mr. Wiggins his emotions. At this point Grant realizes that his job has been done, because a hog can’t show emotions, but a man can.

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