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Greek Architecture Essay Sample

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Greek Architecture Essay Sample

Greek architecture started to be restored to its previous glory in the 7th century. In the beginning Grecian architecture was constructed from mud and wood. However, as time progressed, the buildings began to be made of limestone, and those buildings remained. The limestone buildings are the buildings that we see today. In the latter Greek architecture, there are three time periods that are expressed. These periods are Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman. Limestone was excavated and cut into large blocks that were dressed to fit the builders and also the needs that needed to be addressed. However, not all buildings were constructed by limestone; some buildings were constructed from marble. The problem with marble was that it was extremely expensive. Therefore, it was used primarily for sculpture. In the same way that there were three time periods in Greek architecture, there were also two different styles in Greek architecture. The first style was Ionic. The Ionic style was dominated by the Doric style. The Doric style of architecture is seen in most of Greece and also in Italy. In terms of formality, the Doric style was more formal; whereas, the Ionic style was more decorative and relaxed.

An example of Greek architecture that is done in the Doric style is the Parthenon. In contrast, an example of Greek architecture done in the Ionic style would be the Temple of Athena Nike. Roman architecture was considered to be more advanced in both design and engineering. Roman architecture used three types of columns. The most common type of column used was in the Doric style. It was plain and was used primarily when where there were massive structures that needed to be supported. The Ionic style was used where there was a need for more decorative means. The third style was known as the Corinthian style column. It had finer detail work and was considered to be superior in many ways when compared to the Doric and Ionic styles. Roman architecture also included the use of arches.

This was something that was out of the ordinary to many individuals. The use of the arches in the architecture led to the development of what we know as the dome. One example of Roman architecture would be the Roman Coliseum. In contrast, the Arc de Triomphe is modeled after roman architecture; however, it was commissioned by Napoleon and built in France. Both Greek and Roman builders had great skills in engineering and building techniques for their time in history. Both have given us a legacy and a history in architecture that still remains mysterious and baffling in many ways.

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