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First thing that comes to my mind was, this film is going to be just the normal, typical American sports drama film like we used to. A typical film wherein a scene would turn out the whole film up-side-down or the protagonist were losing and suddenly a confident-giving speech were thrown and the protagonist gain confidence over him/herself then turn the game on his/her side but in this film, “Gridiron Gang”, it is realistic and life changing film. Not the normal way of showing respect to the film but it is truly a masterpiece of what’s really going on to the streets nowadays and not only to the streets but also a film of self-realizing and life encounters on real life. It is not just on a perspective of an American football player who came from teenage detention juvenile centers but it is a film that can be reflected upon to other situations of life. There are three things in life I learned in this film which was somewhat, a life-changing for me. The first one was choices and living on its consequences. We are granted to have a free-will to be used for our own purpose. May it be bad or good but what’s really important here is living on its consequences.

If it happens that u choose bad/good, then you are responsible for your consequences and how you deal with it just like how those thugs on the juvenile detention centers who made the wrong choices in the first place since they were there but the important scene there was how they face their consequences. They could have just sat there and ignore the opportunity of playing American Football. They are thugs, why would they play football in the first place? But they show how they deal what they made wrong. The second thing I learned in life was, there will always be downfall. A great line from Dwayne Johnson or Coach Sean Porter in film, “you get to the point where you screw up, expect to fail but if we want to win we got to let them go. Forgive em and move on!” speaking towards his star player Jade Yorker or Willie Weathers in film. The Third thing and most important thing I learned was have self-esteem over oneself. Grab every opportunity that comes. Don’t think of any others, just let things happen. I am who I am and I’m capable of the things that’ll come.

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