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Group Influence Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

This required Portfolio assignment due in Week Four will give you experience observing and interacting with people outside of the classroom. It has been designed to provide you with the opportunity to develop skills, synthesize knowledge, and integrate learning in a real world setting. This assignment accomplishes that goal by challenging you to:

Observe a group discussing a topic of interest such as a focus group, a community public assembly, a department meeting at your workplace, or local support group Study how the group members interact and impact one another

Analyze how the group behaviors and communication patterns influence social facilitation Integrate your findings with evidence-based literature from journal articles, textbook, and additional scholarly sources

Purpose: To provide you with an opportunity to experience a group setting and analyze how the presence of others substantially influences the behaviors of its members through social facilitation. Process: You will participate as a guest at an interest group meeting in your community to gather data for a qualitative research paper. Once you have located an interest group, contact stakeholders and explain the purpose of your inquiry. After you receive permission to participate, you will schedule a date to attend the meeting; at which time you will observe the members and document the following for your analysis:

How were the people arranged in the physical environment (layout of room and seating arrangement)? What is the composition of the group, in terms of number of people, ages, sex, ethnicity, etc.? What are the group purpose, mission, and goals?

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