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Introduction of TOPIC

Success of every business depends on how well it coordinates it business functions and takes the best out of each one of them. Marketing and operations are two functions that are in-charge of knowing what the market wants and how the organization can deliver its expectations. The operations management is responsible for managing the process of creation of goods and services and the marketing function is a process by which a product or service is introduced and promoted to potential customers. The role of these functions have a huge effect on the organization and their coordination have a big impact on quality and leads to success.(reference)

The operations management is central to the organization,It’s concerned with converting materials and labour into goods and services as efficiently as possible to maximize the profit of an organization.This function have a role of transforming a company’s inputs into output as finished good and services, designing and controlling the process of production in order to satisfy customer’s expectations. For example, As for marketing function, the business may have the best products or service but the customers wouldn’t know about it without marketing.

So its central role is in creating, communicating, capturing and sustaining value for an organization.It includes: promotion, advertising,pricing… So It have a role to communicate the organization’s products and services to its markets. It can be defined also as an exchange relationship between customer and organization, in other words the organization should know what the customer needs ,produce it , and know where to promote it.

To be able to satisfy customer needs, the marketing function should know what the operations can produce, what is the due date to finish, and what types of customization operations can deliver. The marketing function can develop an exciti

ng marketing campaign, but if operations cannot produce the desired product, sales will not be made.

In other side, operations management need information about what the customer wants and what he is expecting, so it’s the responsibility of the operations function to produce and design products with what the customers find desirable, and they cannot do this without coordination with the marketing department.

When there is a conflicts between these two functions we will have a gap in the organization which means mismatch, the marketing will give a market image of a product that is not enough for the satisfaction of the customer. It should not give the customer a high expectation in the promotion of the product. The quality is the most important thing for the customer, it’s one of the five operations performance objectives, it can be defined by the customer’s expectations and perceptions, and it could be subjective ,sometimes the same service or product but everyone see it with his own point of view. When it comes to misscoordination between the marketing and operations we will have a gap between what the marketing has promoted and what the operations have produced.

One of these gap is the gap between the actual quality and the communicated image, which means the market have gave me an image of a product, but when I had it in my hands it was not as expected. So here the marketing has promoted a wrong image of the product and promised the customers with specifications that are not right in reality. The customer forgot all the goods of the product and remember just that one specification that had disappointed him.

The market should be honest with the customer when it promotes a product because the customer will remind of what the market have promised him and once he don’t see that in the product he will go to other organization. Marketing should ensure that the promises made to customer concerning the product can be really delivered. For example,a company of a cellphone promotes a phone that its waterproof and we can use it under water to take pictures , but when I buy it I discovered that it’s not and once I used it under the water it stopped to work. So here we have a gap between the actual product that we have in our hand and between what the marketing have gave as a promotion.

Another gap can occurred between the quality specification and the actual quality, which means quality could be poor because there is a mismatch between the actual quality of the service or product provided by the operation and its internal quality specification.The marketing should give the operations a feedback about what the customers want and need , so the operations will produce a product that is conformant for the need of the customers.

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