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Economic growth is pivotal in each every country, and it is among the main goals of the government. The growth of the economy is determined by many factors but industrialization, and technological advancement is one of the key boosts. With industrialization and advancement of technology, it is obvious that pollution will be encountered. The level of pollution in relation to economic development brings the issue of sustainability which is instrumental when accessing environmental impact on projects (Collin & Collin, 2010). A project or economic activity is said to be sustainable if the benefits realized supersede the damage which happens in the environment. If a project is referred to as unsustainable, then it means that the damage is far much more than the benefits of the activity.

The policy of growth with pollution is not sustainable because the sustainability is defined by the efficiency of the project or activity. For instance, if a project is beneficial to the society in the sense that it creates employment and infrastructure. Then the same project is polluting the air and water bodies, it can be referred to as unsustainable because the profits that are realized at that particular point are not comparable with the pollution which is caused. For instance, quarry may be useful since it provides the building blocks and at the same time creating employment. People will be employed in the mines and also the government will get revenue, but ultimately, it will not be sustainable in the sense that land will be left bare. More also, there will be ditches all over which may end up being health hazards. Therefore, it is appropriate for the government to realize that growth with pollution is not acceptable at all cost (Kiernan, 2006).

Growth with pollution and sustainability can be seen in the industries. Some industries especially those which make chemicals usually emit harmful greenhouse gas which depletes the ozone layer. Upon depletion of the layer, excess heat from the sun reaches the earth’s surface and causes the ice in the glaciers to melt. Melting translates to increased levels of water in the ocean. The increased level of water is a great challenge to the environment since its one of the main causes of tsunamis which has devastating effects on the environment. More also, the depletion of the ozone layer allows the cosmic rays of the sun to reach the surface of the earth hence causing skin cancer to animals and human beings. Therefore, it is evident that growth with pollution is hazardous since the pollution will eventually supersede the benefits which are affiliated to the project (Hart, 2005).

Mining and drilling of oil in the ocean is also another economic development which is associated with pollution. Many are times you will find that oil is found in the ocean, and its extraction poses a challenge to the environment. When drilling that oil, spillage is possible, and it results to considerable harm a lot of harm to the aquatic life. More also, presence of oil in the ocean poses great danger to the sailors since ships has been to have sunk as a result (The Print Council explains ‘why print is green’ (SUSTAINABILITY: update, 2009).

In summation, it should be noted that economic development is paramount, but it should be the blue print to pollute our environment. Any activity that is aimed to yield economically should be accessed and vetted to ascertain whether it have the required threshold to sustain the environment.


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