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Coup definition: an overthrow (sudden and illegal seizure of a government) looking to replace it with a new ruling body.

The 1954 Guatemalan Coup was an operation planned by the United States Military and organized with help from the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) seeking to overthrow the President of Guatemala, Democrat, Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán. President Árbenz Guzmán was a dangerous threat to the Central American economy and to the political/economical regard of the United States. With Guzmán in charge Guatemala was becoming a threat to the stability of its neighboring countries, Honduras and El Salvador. He used powerful propaganda to get foreign enterprises to take an interest in him.

His plan all the long was to “confiscate unused land owned by the United Fruit Company to redistribute under a land reform plan and to pay compensation for the vastly understated value the company had claimed for its tax payments” (Malkin 1). This way his could try and create a middle-class in a country split between extreme wealth and extreme poverty. He wanted to unite everyone. Jacobo Arbenz Guzman was overthrown in a coup planned by the United States CIA on June 27th 1954. Today the family looks for an apology from the United States because it seems as though Arbenz wasn’t looking to harm anyone, just to make the people Guatemala be more equal.

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