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Guidance Speech Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

To our guests..Mr. Ireneo Dicen, Division Supervisor for Values Education.. Our partners from different Higher education institutions, headteachers, teachers and students…GOOD MORNING….. TODAY, WE ARE PILOTING THE CONDUCT OF CAREER GUIDANCE IN OUR SCHOOL by virtue of DEPED ORDER NO. 25, SERIES OF 2013. AS YOU CAN SEE, WE HAVE PREPARED VARIOUS ACTIVITIES TO SUPPORT THE OBJECTIVES OF THE DEP ED AND THE GOALS OF K to 12 curriculum. According to Sec. Armin Luistro, Your CAREER PATH MUST BE STRENGTHENED BY WAY OF EFFECTIVE CAREER ADVOCACY PROGRAMS TO DEFINE THE VARIOUS JOBS WHICH ARE MARKETABLE SO THAT AFTER GRADUATION, THE COURSES THAT YOU WILL TAKE IN COLLEGE ARE COURSES THAT ARE PRODUCTS of WELL PLANNED CAREER PATH. This means that you have the potential to find a job after graduation in college or any technical course. You are lucky because CAREER GUIDANCE is now given proper attention in the K TO 12 curriculum.

During our time, we chose our careers on our own. Most of the students then where very particular with the white collar jobs and evading from the tech

nical courses.That’s why, these days we have surplus of graduates in nursing and commerce. Most of

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them remain unemployed today. Indeed, Career Guidance advocacy program is a must for a school like us. In our celebration this week, we will try to make you aware of existing career opportunities in order to prevent too much waste of resources including time . I know you are all aware that the government is facing a big number of unemployed Filipinos. One reason is mismatch. Marami ang nakaka graduate sa atin sa college pero marami ang walang trabaho kasi hindi akma sa kursong tinapos ang kailangan na trabaho.Isa lang ang ibig sabihin, marami sa atin ang nag aaral sa kolehiyo na hindi pinaplano kung anong CAREER ang tatahakin. This time,we will try to avoid this by giving you the guide to tag a career. In this one-week celebration, grab the opportunity. Explore from all possible courses to be offered in the colleges and match your interest, qualification standards for all types of jobs and demand in the labor market.

Marami na ngayong pagbabago..noon binabalewala ang mga technical and vocational courses pero ngayon marami na ang umaasenso at nakakapag abroad dahil sa mga technical and vocational courses. Naiba na po ang landscape ngayon sa paghahanda ng ating kinabukasan. I advise you also to attend career talks so that you would know the real situations in the labor market. This early, I would like to thank our partners, TESDA, DOLE, CHED, HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS WHO WILL BE PARTICIPATING IN THIS WEEKLONG ACTIVITIES LIKE AMA SORSOGON, CCDI, SPEED, SAINT LOUISE THE MARILLAC COLLEGE,The lewis college, Sorsogon school of Criminology, BMMCI AND ACSAT. Thank you for exerting efforts ,money and time for the future of our students. Let me NOW end by saying…you must FOLLOW THE GUIDE, TAG A CAREER AND LIKE THE FUTURE. GOODLUCK TO ALL OF you..

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