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Guide to Teenage Survival Essay Sample

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Guide to Teenage Survival Essay Sample

This guide to teenage survival will show and guide you through adolescence, with tips, humor, and teenage understanding. We show you how to cope with pressuring questioning from your parents about you’ve been, how to dump your boyfriend or girlfriend without being to harsh, and how to stop your siblings from annoying you. We also teach you how to develop your own style, which matches your personality. For example: if you a joyful person we will show what bright colors and style you would have. We show you what and techniques you use when trying to escape to a party that your parents will not allow you to go to. We give websites advice that teenagers would like for example MSN, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Skype and stuff like that. We turn you into a real teenager.

Bizarre Teachers

You teens out there know how strange your teachers can get. And let me tell you I’ve been through my fair share of bizarre teachers. Take miss Braybrooke for example, she’s a teacher but hates all children. You’ve probably had a teacher which hates all children; I mean what’s up with that. Anyway let’s get back to the point, she always complains about her job and she thinks we cant hear her, she’s like ” I hate my job, stupid kids always get things wrong, I don’t get paid enough for this” under her breathe. And I hate when Miss Braybrooke always feel the erg to shout over the children while they’re talking and says ” I not going to shout over you” while she’s actually shouting, it’s silly, you’ve probably experienced that as well. Another annoying thing teacher do is when they talk in the same tone for ages, (this is normally in a science lesson) they go on and on and on and you wish that you just shut their mouth and staple their lips together.

And when they finally decide to stop, and you wake up from your sleep, they scan around and they specially identify who wasn’t paying attention before they ask you the question. They see the people waving their hands in the air knowing that they know the answer and skip them out and select their target. Teachers must have some special kind of radar in their head, knowing which pupil hasn’t got a clue what they are talking about. Once they have selected their target, (which is normally you) and they say” right, can you answer to my question” at this point there’s a moment of panic in your head, and you hear people whispering you the answer, but you only hear little sections of what they’re and you end up saying ” The comets catch photosynthesis and convection is produced” and then the teacher says’ “what! You haven’t listened to a word I said”.

Next this happens pretend to fall of your chair and make the most of it and this will distract your teacher from everything he or she just asked to you. And the will teacher say ” aww are you all right” with much concern, if this is a young nice looking girl teacher this will come to your advantage, because (listen carefully to the following) if you say “ouch no I think its my head hurts” the teacher will come close and cup your head close to her body and hopefully say ” are you feeling ok do you need to go and see the school nurse”. See it’s a win-win situation and if it pulls off you don’t have the embarrassment of getting the question wrong and you get to go home RESULT.

Annoying Siblings

If you have an annoying sibling, you know the horrors I suffer. If you don’t, live your life long and free without the horrors of having a little brother or sister. Because they’re playful twenty-four hours seven days a week, I mean it’s not stop questions ”Do you want play”, “Can I play your Xbox”, ”Let’s play star wars episode two” and all that nonsense. Not surprisingly all the answers are no, they have this extra energy boost that teenagers just don’t have, it’s like they have a constant coffee overdose, always buzzing. And just when you’re at peek of tiredness, stress or anxiety they decide to say something really annoying like ”why does your trousers look like you took them off an eight year old” or ”why does your hair look like porcupine” and you feel like dunking their head down the toilet.

But you haven’t got the strength. Next time this happens just say ” shut up, you still wet the bed and you’re too young to go on an adventure ride” and walk off this will solve the situation clearly and promptly. And doesn’t it just annoying you when your parents favor and take the side of your younger brother and sisters in every single situation. Like when they annoy you constantly and you say one little thing back to them and your parents say ” stop bullying your brother” or when there’s only one treat left in the cupboard and you take it, they go crying off and tell your parents and they say ” give it to your brother” I mean just because their younger doesn’t mean they have more rights.

Embarrassing Parents

There’s no extent of how embarrassing parents can be; I think they live to embarrass us, that’s how there body’s run, they crave on their children’s embarrassment. But the most embarrassing moment has to be when they get up and to decide to dance at a party and you try to grab them but it’s just too late. It’s just so cringing watching them dance with their prehistoric dance moves and you just wish you could just run away. Next time this happens pretend you need the toilet or hide under the table, anything to get away from that hideous dancing. You teens can’t deny it, you each have a secret surname which your parent ”accidentally” use when your friend are around and it ”accidentally” slips out of there mouths.

And they think we don’t know, they try to make seem like they do it on accident but we know the truth because this is what they normally happens, your playing with your friend meanwhile your mum (it’s usually your mum) plotting a way to embarrass you then she suddenly think I’ll use the forbidden name then she says” oh boba can you come here for a sec” thinking that she’d innocent. Next time this happens don’t reply her just say ” she’s calling to my sister” and your friend will probably say ” ha what a silly nickname” CLOSE ONE. If this pulls off you have just saved your self a lifetime supply of school embarrassment. Another horrendous thing parents do is that actually hurts me is when they try to speak slang. It just doesn’t work out for them when they try to speak slang they just try to hard. There like ” yo what up dude ” and it hurts your ears so much that you have to leave the room.

Pocket Money

Why is it that when you want to buy something you always run out of pocket money, I mean it a joke? And you try and ask your parents and they find the most random excuse like “No because 2 months and 24 days ago you hit your sister” and you reply “aaaaaaaaaaargh” and they go ”that’s another reason you’re not getting your pocket money” it’s unfair. There must be a curse on all teenagers that when they want to buy something they run out of pocket money. But I think I found the solution what you do is you rough self up on the way back to school like you have been beaten up and come home crying and when your parent ask ” what happened” you say ” I was just minding my own business and a gang of boys came up to me and started beating me up and took my pocket money and my lunch money” and hopefully they say “don’t worry I’ll give your pocket money again” and mission accomplished.

But how comes, any slight thing you do wrong say if get a discredit, say one rude word, slam the door or any little thing like that, your parent are always there to make a reduction on your pocket money it so unfair. But I haven’t made a solution for that I don’t think anybody can unless you stop being bad but nobody want to do that. And I also hate it when your parents use the chart solution, if you haven’t heard of it good for you. What it’s when your mum or dad try to copy a solution from super nanny and make a pocket money chart. The solution for that is ripping it apart.

But at the end of the day you parent nourish you; feed you, give you a place to live and even offer you the jester of giving you pocked money. And your teacher give an education teach you the way to live for your own sake, so you can have a really successful job and you can earn money for your future family so they can do the same. Your siblings when there grown up are best friends lend you money give you a place to live in your time of need and are the uncles and aunties of you children and love you with all their heart. All these people are so important in your life so give the respect they need.

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