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Guilt Essays


The Tell-Tale Heart

            Guilt is a very powerful thing to wrestle against with. It stabs the heart, attacks sanity and exposes the weaknesses of a guilty person. In the case of Edgar Allan Poe’s the Tell Tale Heart, the beating of the

The Hollow of Three Hills

The Hollow of the Three Hills is a story of dishonor, deceit, and death. The author, Nathaniel Hawthorne portrays the main character as a beautiful woman with a shameful and abominable past. She tries to run from her problems but

The Psychological Effects of Guilt

Guilt is not only defined as “a feeling of self-reproach from believing that one has done a wrong;” but it plays a major part in how a person can psychologically handle their thoughts, emotions, and actions. In Kite Runner, written

''Maus'' by Art Spiegalman

In the award winning graphic novel Maus by Art Spiegalman, the theme guilt is a main factor. In the novel we are aware of the guilt that Vladek feels for surviving the holocaust, and the guilt he feels for the

The Sisters Brothers

Rumored by many, known to few living, Charlie and Eli Sisters are notorious for their trade stories of murder and ruthlessness. The brothers are introduced to a life of dismay early in life when Charlie, the eldest brother has his

“The Father”, by Hugh Garner

In the story “The Father”, by Hugh Garner, it will show the dynamics of a strained relationship between a father and son. Also it will show that a father’s insecurities and inconsideration can put a strain on a John’s (father)

How to Tell a True War Story Project

I am sitting by the fireplace and just thinking about life in general when memories from elementary school come flooding back. I am writing this letter to you, because I feel very guilty when thoughts of your son cross my

Peace and Harmony

There have been moments in almost everyone’s day-to-day living when one has experienced the true joy of living, with calm, peace and tranquility. What has usually disturbed these moments are memories of guilt and shame, carried by the ego and

"Salvation" by Langston Hughes

Most people have expectations of how something is going to turn out. When things do not turn out the way, we want them to turn out; the feeling of disappointment takes over. That is a coincidence when I read “Salvation”

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