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He wore a large shirt with short sleeves and no buttons down the front. The shirt was made from cotton, this was proven by a large label that hung from the stitching on the inside of the giants shirt which said, ‘100% cotton’. His hair was stiffened into spikes at the front of his brow; this must have been done with some sort of cream. Someone suggested this was for

was for decoration.

Now came the task of searching his immense pockets. Two men armed with large sticks entered the pocket of the giant’s trousers on his left thigh. The pockets were large enough for the men to walk into them with out having to duck their heads. Some other men held the pocket open as it started to close due to the material bending. One man came back out from the pocket and asked for some assistance with removing a wallet, two more men entered to help remove it. It took about ten minutes for the men to completely remove it.

The wallet lay on the ground, twice the size of any normal human. It was made from a quite smooth, dark blue material that we had never seen before. On the front of the wallet was a logo which had a silly mark on it and the name “O’Neill’. The wallet was sealed with a strange mechanism which consisted of some very small hooks on one side of the wallet and some small hoops on the other. These locked together when the wallet flaps were pushed together, two men struggled to prize the flaps open. Once opened we found quite a few items contained in the wallet. The first was a plastic card that was named ‘cashcard’. This claimed it belonged to Natwest bank and had a strange image on it that changed to different colours when it caught the light of the sun.

The next item was a large bank note of a currency that we had not heard of. The bank note read “I promise to pay the bearer five pounds on demand.” It belonged to the Bank of England and had a picture of a lady who we presumed to be the queen of England. There was a compartment in the wallet that was sealed with a strange mechanism which required two men to open it by pulling a large metal tag down a strange line which made the pocket open. In this compartment we found some coins which were of the same currency as the bank note we found, these also had pictures of the lady who we thought was the queen of England. There was also a strange package which was called ‘Durex’, we decided to open this package. From the package was produced a large rubber tube with one end sealed up, it was extremely slippery and had a stiff rim at the base. This tube was rolled out and we found we could fit four large men inside it. The last item was a strange portrait of a young lady perfectly drawn on a very shiny paper, we were amazed at the quality of this drawing.

Two men entered the pocket on the giants right thigh and produced a rahter large object. We had never seen anything like this before it was very interesting. I will describe this object to you; it is a large, shiny black object about twice as big as a human is. On top of it are 17 buttons. There are ten number buttons (0-9), two buttons with strange markings on them looking like a # and a *, a menu button, a C button, a button with four arrows on it (one arrow that says OK) and another two buttons with strange symbols on them.

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