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Gun Control and Violence Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” is an expression often quoted by those who support the right to freely carry firearms. For many years, organizations such as the National Rifle Association (NRA) have pointed to the high rate of gun violence in the United States and compared it with the low rates in Europe; this comparison was done in order to stress their point that gun violence is a cultural/societal problem that should not impede anyone’s right to own firearms. Those who advocate gun control, and oppose the NRA, point to the United States’ high level of gun ownership (as compared to other countries) as one of the leading reasons for the increase in the amounts of murders and violence associated with guns.

They also point to the easy accessibility of guns in America as one of the major causes of the high level of gun violence. It is non-sense to think establishing laws will solve the problem. Has the government given an appropriate amount of thought into why, how, or what establishing a gun law will affect. The government has been pondering a solution to the drastic increases in gun related violence for quite some time. They have inevitably come to the conclusions that if they were to restrict the right to freely carry firearms, that it would reduce the quantity of guns being misused.

However this type of solution will only yield contrary results. Without first realizing and analyzing the problem at hand one cannot even begin to solve it. In this situation the problem is an increase in crimes involving the use of firearms. At this time the government has already formulated their own theory. And have deduced that the easy accessibility of guns in America is one of the major causes of the high level of gun violence. This is no doubt the wrong way to handle his crisis, but it can be persuasive. Sadly our government has a narrow-minded way of deciding the futures of its people. Its fails to notice the problem people face every single day is actually other people.

What do I mean by this? The man who earnestly works eight hours a day is not the person that you are going to see killing a group of innocent people. Nor is the everyday law abiding citizen going to spontaneously decide to shoot up a move theater or elementary school. It’s going to be that idiot that is just wasting their lives, to where they get a gun and sacrific

e so many others’. Sure the government can institute a law lowering the accessibility of guns,

but who will it really affect. Establishing a law that was put in place to stop the law breakers; it has no purpose in itself. In actuality what it will accomplish is disarming the law abiding general public.

All your law will have accomplished is given those bad citizens a sense of security in their actions. Here is a scenario; law gets approved, so now any random person who pops up with a firearm is not going to meet any kind of resistance. The government’s way of thinking is misguided. If our politicians could just attempt to walk in its people’s shoes, they would be able to clearly recognize the real problem. Let me elaborate on my previous words that, “the problem people face every single day is actually other people” and how it relates to crimes involving guns. Anyone even living a remotely ordinary American life style well definitely tells to you that gun violence is a cultural/societal problem that should not impede anyone’s right to own firearms.

This country’s problem of gun violence doesn’t come from the law. It is rooted within our culture. Legislative action can help steer us toward a community safer from an individual’s evil intent, but ultimately it is up to us to decide when we want this behavior to cease. Here is an example. In many homes parents try to hide dangerous objects like guns from their children, but it can lead to having the opposite effect. That child could coincidentally come across a gun; let their curiosity get the better of them and accidentally shoot themselves. On the other hand if that parent had took the time to show and allow that child to experience early on that a gun is a seriously dangerous thing, then that child may or may not have had that curiosity or lack of sense in the first place.

In our societies, culture, and families if something can be helped or altered it is usually for the greater good. Now there are cases were someone might not be able to receive help, sometime mentally those are ordinarily the individuals that cause these tragedies. Therefore in these times when the people themselves are the problem, the government must bring into play a new means to approach the situation. Aiding those mentally ill people is our best chance at reducing the amount of firearm crimes and crimes in general. Lisa B. says, “As a result, our best approach is de-stigmatizing psychological illness to encourage family members to seek help for those who need it most and by making that help readily available.

Perhaps we should make a thorough mental health evaluation part and parcel of the well visit (let’s put Obama Care to work!). We should also implement an “if you see something, say something” approach to potential public safety threats.” This idea is definitely on the right track to a better solution. Just to be clear, I’m no mental health expert. But the methods we have used thus far clearly are not working any more. Anyone who would attack a school, or a movie theater, or a military base, or a mall, is clearly in need of treatment. There are several routes to a better solution, but creating a law that makes the good weak and the bad strong is wrong.

These people who want gun control laws are not unintelligent people, and it does make some form of sense that fewer guns around might actually lead to less gun violence. However good their intentions, common sense takes priority over all forms of thinking. Good intentions and law only serve to make the law abiding citizens completely defenseless against a fool who does not care about any law whatsoever. It isn’t the disarmed law abiding citizen that is the problem here, yet that is what gun control law would accomplishes; protection of the fool from anyone trying to protect them.

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