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When discussing gun control and children safety we have to remember that there are many issues to take into account because the children are the most important topic. Question, are our children safe at school and are the teachers equipped to handle this kind of responsibility? The government thinks that if they take the guns away that this will solve the problem, when the real issue is how we stop the violence in America and at our schools. Let’s look at what the NRA is saying. First, they are saying that the schools should have a security blanket of protection. This means that they should have armed guards at school.

Does this mean one or two or does it mean more? I think we should first look at will it work, because there are some schools that do have armed guards. How many you might ask, according to my research 1/3 or 23,000 schools in America have armed guards. Some of these schools also have metal detectors with an armed guard posted at it full-time checking who comes in and who goes out. The children are checked and so are any visitors. According to my research there is less violence at these schools. Even with unarmed guards it seems to be better. According to what I could find there still isn’t enough known, and that brings us to the subject of Columbine, Colorado.

When the Columbine Massacre happened there were two guards, but one officer was giving a traffic ticket, while the other officer was under fire awaiting back-up. So can armed guards stop all the violence that happens, of course not? On the other hand, how do the students feel about armed guards and do they have a say in all of this? According to the 2011 study in the Journal Youth Society they found that the presence of armed guards made students less secure. Though there was some racial divide where white students felt less safe, but there was no change for the black students. With everyone researching and studies still little is being done.

So then we have the NRA, Congress, and the President wondering how to keep children safe. Let’s talk about the President for a minute. He has everybody pulling at him on what to do, but he has eleven armed guards around his children. So are they safe? I would say they are. So, President Obama’s idea is to say right away, let’s take some rights away from the American people. That we should want to after such a tragedy, but history shows us that such gun control laws like the Brady Bill doesn’t work.

This is around the same time that the Columbine shootings happened. If you were to take a look at crime in general, it was at an all-time high. Washington D.C. is the capitol and at the time of the Brady Bill it was the murder capitol also. The President wants gun control for all. I sometimes wonder if that’s his agenda or is there something else, and I would say America is wondering the same thing to. On the issue of gun control and child safety in our schools, my opinion is I like the idea of putting guards in our schools.

The fact is that putting metal detectors in at the entrances is really the way to go. First of all there would be a guard armed or unarmed at least there would be someone there. On the matter of the children feeling safer, and do they have the right? Children do have the right to voice their opinion, but we are supposed to keep them safe and the President wants us to give up our Second Amendment to do this. This country is in such a dilemma because we have rights, the children have rights, and even some of the criminals have rights. So while the NRA, Congress, and the President fight it out us Americans have to sit back and wait to see what our elected officials come up with.

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