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Gun Gang Culture Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

I’m going to compare two articles in this essay. The first article is about a man who gets shot by a gang outside his home in London. The second is about how gang culture does not exist. The first article is very biased and doesn’t ask the opinion of the gang however, the second article is very different it tries to keep bias at a minimum and explains how exaggerated it is.

Gangs go back many years. By watching the news and researching on the internet and I have found articles that support both views.

The word gang refers to loosely organized groups that control a territory through readiness to use violence, especially against other gangs. Violence also is used to organize the gang and to control gang members. Gangs are as different as the beliefs which influence them. The articles here are from loads of different sites from the internet.

A gang can be a group of mates who live in the same area as each other, or all go to the same school, and who hang around together. Gangs are not always bad or involved in crime and being in a gang can just mean hanging around with the same group of friends. Hanging around with your mates can make you feel safe, as you can all look out for each other. There are some gangs who take part in criminal activity and who might carry knives or other weapons and use them either to show off or to threaten people.


topic has a long history and background that goes back many years. I have been watching the news and

researching this topic on the internet and have found articles that support both views. I have only found articles that support the view of article one. This article from the internet says: “Many gangs use weapons such as knives and batons” this was taken from the Sun newspaper and it supports the views stated in article one.

The first article was written by Laura Holland, and is called How Will We Cope it was from the News of the World. It’s a very biased article about 22 year old Peter Woodhams who was killed by a gang. The writer shows her hatred towards gangs by using a mixture of different length sentences and by using what the fiancée had to say to add more emotion. The words used are simple so that the reader understands fully and there aren’t any confusing or complicated ones.

The second article was written by Justin Parkinson, and is called Gang Culture Threat Overblown it was from the BBC. As the title suggests, this article is about how the media is exaggerating the gangs in the UK. It tries to keep the bias at a minimum so. The writer shows his point of view towards gangs by using a mixture of different length sentences and by using quotes from important sounding people to the fiancée had to say to add more emotion. The words used are simple so that the reader understands fully and there aren’t any confusing or complicated ones.

Six years ago, 16 pupils and their teacher were tragically massacred at Dunblane Primary School, leaving the country grief-stricken and horrified that such an atrocious act could have happened.

The government responded by introducing a ban on the carrying of all handguns, and Britain gradually relaxed at the introduction of such a seemingly tough new law.

As is the nature of things, however, it has taken yet another tragic loss of life to bring the continuing problem of gun crime to our attention. Although dozens of innocent young people have been murdered or injured by gunfire on Britain’s streets during recent years, few have caused as much public outrage as the killings of two teenaged girls in Birmingham on New Year’s Eve. The government’s speedy response in initiating more anti-gun laws reflects the reform that once again has come too late. Many people also remain sceptical as to the effectiveness of the new laws, as the carrying of guns continues to rise among young, inner-city gangs.

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