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Gun Essays

Gun Essay Samples & Examples

When writing about the rule of banning the gun, you need to pay attention to the structure of your paper. Begin by stating the problem. The reader should understand the aim of your essay. You can write in the form of stating your opinion about the issue, comparing different viewpoints, problem-solution type, or other.

If you state your opinion in the gun essays, explain it in the thesis statement briefly. Mention the main reasons for your choice. Focus on describing each cause in one paragraph. For example, if you write that banning guns is correct, enumerate the reasons. Write that not all people admit the negative consequences of keeping guns at home. Then narrow down the explanation and show examples. Find information about situations when children found guns at home, and there was a risk for their health. If you know any other instances, explain them to the reader.

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Gun Control and Mental Illness

The question of Gun control is in the news. The subject comes up with each election along with the latest tragedy statistics. Both sides of the debate throw explicit words towards the other, it all turns into an argument and

Shooting Dad

Question 1 In her essay “Shooting Dad”, Sarah Vowell describes her attempt at “becoming a better daughter.” Her effort to understand her father’s interest in guns is a potential model for resolving disagreements. Do you believe her approach—trying to understand

Sandy Hook Elementary School

The shooting that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14 prompted extensive news coverage throughout the world, including wide attention in the British media. In the aftermath debate in the US about the need for increased gun

Gun Safety

From my research, I have discovered that there are many programs, websites, brochures and classes available regarding gun safety. I learned of various organizations such as the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) and the NRA (National Rifle Association) that make

The Debate over Gun Control

Crime and guns. The two seem to go hand in hand with one another. But are the two really associated? Do guns necessarily lead to crime? And if so do laws placing restrictions on firearm ownership and use stop the

Restrictions of Gun Control

Having less guns on the streets should make people safer. Most people believe that would be a reasonable way to protect innocent people from being killed or hurt from someone with a gun. This argument would make perfect sense if

Oral Communication 2nd Amendment Outline

Should the 2nd amendment give citizens the right to own assault weaponry? Introduction: Does anyone know what people were the first to invent guns? The Chinese were the first people to invent guns. The first hand gun was called the

Activity Journal Instructions

To complete this activity journal, you must: complete at least two different outdoor physical activities spend at least 45 minutes participating in each activity participate in a physical activity on two or more different days each week Record the date you

How Can We Really Prevent Crime?

Crime is not a good thing, but it exists and it cannot be ignored. Crime lurks in many places. In metropolises, cites towns, and even villages. In my essay, you will learn ways to prevent crime and I am going

Proposition 47

Proposition 47 claims it will improve public safety, when in reality it will not. Californian voters should not allow Proposition 47 to pass because it poses a threat to public safety. Among the many reasons why the proposition should not

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