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Gym Clothes Essay Sample

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Gym Clothes Essay Sample

Do you think that students should HAVE to bring an extra set of clothes to wear for gym class and then get in trouble if they dont want to or forget to bring them? To me, I don’t think it’s fair if I were to bring proper gym sneakers and to just wear some jeans for gym and to be told that’s not being perpared for class. I think that if you’re able to be active in what you’re wearing and you have the proper footwear that the clothes you have on shouldn’t mean you’re not prepared for gym.

Not having a different change of clothes for gym should not, under ANY circumstances end up in suspension. To me and just about everyone else, we agree that to get suspended you either have to break one of the school rules or have done something very wrong. Nobody would think not having extra clothes for gym should get you any amount of suspension. Being suspended for something like that should NOT be happening here at West Hants, or any school for that matter.

Another reason behind this question, “should it be mandatory to change clothes for gym?”, would be for the students that are being told to change, are all of them comfortable with their body? Believe it or not, some people out there could be worried about how they look and not want to get changed with all their peers around. Many boys and girls don’t like the fact of being told they have to change clothes for gym or they’re suspended, they have a detention or they’re in any kind of trouble. It’s the students that should be allowed to decide whether they want to get changed into shorts, sweatpants, yoga pants or whatever other “gym clothes”. The students are the ones who are doing the physically active stuff that should be able to have a say in what they can particapate in.

From a parent’s perspective, they dont really care what us students wear in gym as long as we participate. The most important thing or the main point to gym class is just to be physically active, no matter if your in jeans or sweatpants, as long as your able to move around is the big idea here right? What should it matter the clothes we wear as long as we the students are getting our hour of active time to move around and get the exercise we need for the day along with recess and lunch on top of that.

In summary, my opinion is that you should not have to bring an extra set of clothes to change into for an hour of the day. I think we are very well able to participate in gym class with just some jeans and a t-shirt. I also do not suport the school’s idea of giving out suspensions to those who do not change for gym. I believe it should be the student’s choice on this matter.

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