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Halal Logistic Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Halal logistics is the process of managing the material flow and information flow throughout the supply chain in accordance to a Halal standard.

Halal is used to describe anything permissible under Islamic law, in contrast to haram, that which is forbidden. This covers aspects such as behaviour, speech, dress, conduct, manner, and dietary laws.


Halal Transportation

There is no mixing of Halal goods with non-Halal goods in case of bulk shipments.

• There should be no mixing of Halal goods with both severe and medium najs in one container or common transportation storage.

• There is no mixing of Halal goods with non-Halal goods in one pallet and load carrier.

• There is a physical segregation of Halal cargo from non-Halal cargo through

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tertiary packaging (such as shroud, shrink wrap) or containerisation.

Halal Compliant Terminal

The organisation shall ensure that there is a physical segregation of Halal cargo from non-Halal cargo throughout the warehouse processes

Halal Warehouse

• The organisation shall ensure that there is a physical segregation of Halal cargo from non-Halal cargo throughout the warehouse processes • The organisation should have no storage and handling of severe and medium najs in the warehouse. This is also called a dedicated Halal warehouse.


the integral management of physical goods flow and information flow against optimal costs meeting the customer requirements.The main business goals and objectives of one company should not be the same as the other company in the strategic alliance between companies.

to ensure the integrity of the product at the point of consumption.Supplier failure can cause major interruption to the operations of company.


“The Halal Express service will leverage on MISC Integrated Logistics Sdn Bhd’s halal supply chain, utilising its warehouse and cold storage facilities in Port Klang and its distribution centre in Jebel Ali as our main source of cargo for the service.”

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