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In persuasive essay try to convince a reader to adopt your opinion or consider an idea from different angle. When writing a narrative essay, you should aim describe an idea in a story-telling manner. For expository essay you have to provide facts and arguments to fully investigate your idea.

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Gertrude and Ophelia in Hamlet

Shakespeare’s characterization of Gertrude and Ophelia in Hamlet is paradoxical as it challenges as well as complements the contemporary social traditions and norms. Gertrude is the …

An Essay On Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Shakespeare‘s Hamlet is the most famous revenge play ever written. The story centers on murder and succession in the Royal Court of Denmark. But there is more afoot …

A Glimpse on Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Hamlet is one of the most famous literary compendiums crafted by the great William Shakespeare. This is so because the said literary piece possesses a unique plot as …


Hamlet is one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, and hardest to perform. The reason it is so hard to perform is because of the main character Hamlet. Hamlet …

Is Hamlet Mad or Mad in Craft?

Madness is defined as the state of being mentally ill or having extremely foolish behavior. It is a condition in which is difficult to identify whether it is …

The Women of Hamlet, Ophelia and Gertrude


            Before we talk over and deliberate the significance of Ophelia and Gertrude in “Hamlet”, we should know first a little overview of how this story …

Who Knows?: The Theme of Knowledge in Hamlet

What may be true to one person is not always true to another. There are huge factors to take into account like a difference in opinion, secrets, or …

How Hamlet’s insanity is portrayed by Mel Gibson in The Zeffirelli Hamlet

            Shakespeare’s Hamlet is one of the best revenge plays written, and has gained a lot of interpretations by different people. One of …

The Theme Of Corruption In Shakespeare’s Hamlet


Corruption can be seen in different forms, given to birth by different authors and played to perfection by various characters. This is the case …

Ophelia and Gertrude

  1. Introduction

            Before we talk over and deliberate the significance and difference between Ophelia and Gertrude in “Hamlet”, we should know first a little …

Hamlet: Prince of Denmark

William Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark can be considered one of the most influential and powerful tragedies that the English language has been blessed …

Similarities of Satan and Hamlet’s Soliloquies

In the soliloquies of Satan and Hamlet, there is one common theme, they are both questioning themselves about their lives. Satan and Hamlet are both fueled by conflicts …

The Examination of Hamlet and Laertes as Foils

William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Hamlet relays Hamlet’s quest to avenge the murder of his father, the king of Denmark. The late King Hamlet was murdered by his …

”Hamlet” by William Shakespeare

Everyone has his or her own ideas about what happens in life and everyone lives in the same reality. However everyone’s perception of that reality is different. It’s …

Summary vs. Paraphrase

Summary involves restating every main idea from the original piece while also paying attention to the proportion of the original. That is, if one third of the original …

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