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1.1 – The legislation that relates to the recording, storage and sharing of information in health and social care is The Data Protection Act 1998. It is the main piece of legislation that governs the use of personal information in the UK, it is a piece of law that helps people control what information people can access about themselves.

1.2 – The reason it is important to have secure systems in place for recording and storing information is so that only people with the right to view the information can view it. If the information is accessed by people without the right service users could be put at risk of abuse, and they could feel their dignity has been breached.

2.1 – I can find out information about handling for a service users individual care plan in their homes. I can also seek any guidance on correct techniques from our company’s policies and procedures, also, my colleagues are a good source of information on service users and their particular needs.

2.2 – When concerns over the recording, sharing and storing of information arise my first course of action is to speak to my care manager about my concerns, and to make sure everything is documented correctly. If I don’t feel my concerns are being dealt with correctly I would speak my branch manager.

3.1 – It is important to keep records that are complete, up-to date and legible for all service users. All records are dated and times and signed by carers, so that information can be passed easily between colleagues so as to make sure a service user’s needs are being met correctly. It also helps to ensure cases of abuse are identified and dealt with correctly.

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