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Happiness Essays


Positive Psychology and Smile

“Peace begins with a smile” as Mother Teresa said. Smile costs nothing, but gives everything; kindness, appreciation, happiness and most of all love. So why don’t give your smile to everyone to make the world full of peace and love?

The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde, an English writer, is well-known for his fairy tales. His style was considered as a way to satisfy his love passion, as homosexuality was not only looked down upon but illegal in the latter half of the century.

Happiness and Macaroni Soup

It was Saturday morning and everyone was so excited about the outreach activity. As we gathered, everybody went to their selected jeepneys as we go to our destination. I was very excited as I stepped down the jeep with all

The Pursuit Of Happiness

What can be discovered about the pursuit of happiness by conducting empirical research? “Happiness is the purpose of life.” – Dalai Lama As seniors at Barringer High School, we have been reading about the pursuit of happiness. The readings led

The Source of Happiness

The first chapter of Habits of the Heart (1996) by Author enumerated four people and a brief narrative of each person’s life story. They were seen in relation to their private lives and their effect to their surroundings. The values

A Complete Life

In every thing, there is always a quality that we regard for something. A Knife is good if it can cut, in such way that a chair is good if it is comfortable to sit upon. Nonetheless, humans have the

Virtue and Vice: A Spice of Happiness

A few years back I met an old man from Thailand who introduced himself as a philosopher. I was taken aback by his openness, but then again, I chat with him nonetheless. He asked me ‘what is your purpose?’ I

Happiness And Self-Worth Come From Within

            The days run shorter than the nights once again. The air I breath carries an unexplainable crispness as I exhale a cool breath that usually comes with these winter season conditions. I fully expect snow to start falling at

The Importance Of Happiness In Life

The human essential that is needed is a person to emotionally vent to. For men, this is typically the spouse. For those that are single, this may be a trusted friend whom one has known for years. Many of the

Think Build Live Success

Some of the things in my life that I think are influencing my current self-picture would have to be: me being in school, it’s making feel more intelligent and giving me more education, my daughter having Ulcerative Colitis is developing

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