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The following marketing plan forms the basis for the introduction of a new innovative product by the Unilever Philippines Incorporated. The analysis allows us to outline the best strategies to follow for the achievement of the company’s strategic goals. “happy-feet” will be marketed as a unique functional foot deodorizer insole while striving to reinforce the company’s status as the leader in innovation and successful product launches. The marketing strategies will enable to reach a market size of an estimated 11,655,932 people (targeted) with a forecasted sales growth prospect of 25.085% over the next 3 years (₱2,399,227,236 profits),while satisfying the needs of the still-unserved market for easy-to-use foot-deodorizer insole. Success will be reflected by a sizeable capture of market shares within this market, while strategically carrying the company up to the top spot as the market leader in the functional foot deodorizer segment.

Brief Description of the Company
UNILEVER Philippines, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of laundry detergents and soaps, shampoos and hair conditioners, toothpastes, deodorants, skin care products, household cleaners, and toilet soaps with an annual sales of over 14 billion pesos. With 400 brands spanning 14 categories of home, personal care and foods products, no other company touches so many people’s lives in so many different ways. Everyday Unilever works to create a better future. Unilever helps people feel for nutrition, hygiene and personal care with brands and services that are good to It employs over 1,000 people nationally. Aside from Unilever Philippines, other Unilever subsidiaries in the country include Selecta Wall’s Inc. and California Manufacturing Company (Unilever Bestfoods). Unilever works closely with other NGO’s to protect and improve the environment.

In year 2000, the company received recognition for its environment management systems with an ISO 14001 accreditation. The company has adopted the Total Quality approach during the last ten years and was the first in our industry to receive the ISO 9002 accreditation in 1994. Consumer research plays a vital role in our brands’ development. We’re constantly developing new products and developing tried and tested brands to meet changing tastes, lifestyles and expectations. And our strong roots in local markets also mean we can respond to consumers at a local level. Brief Description of the New Product and

Strategic Role in the Future Position of the Company

“happy∞ feet” will be the new form of foot deodorizer in the market. It is a disposable insole with total antibacterial and deodorant solution that reacts to the odor-causing molecules, removing the unpleasant smell of the shoe environment. It is the best answer to most problems for people with sweaty feet, foot smell, and athlete’s foot. Also, these insoles improve blood circulation of the foot and the entire body, increases metabolism, relieves fatigue and pressure caused by long hours of standing or exercising, and greatly enhances your health. The product will be positioned as a special type of foot deodorizer that gives complete foot protection from inside out, thoroughly maintaining foot health. The happy ∞feet will be the first foot deodorizer insoles available on the Philippine market. The insoles are prepared by mixing a slurry of the uncured latex with the Ottacide-P and deodorizing agent, if desired, in appropriate concentrations to provide the desired cured product. The Ottacide-P functions to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi.

The foam rubber insoles will act as a new treatment for microbial infections, such as athlete’s foot. It will be the best alternative to foot powders, sprays, and other treatments that requires enough time for application. With the happy ∞feet insoles, customers will be free from unpleasant odor of their feet and shoes in just a moment of time. It is very simple and easy-to-use; and comes in a fashionable style suited for all types of shoes and to the scrupulous taste of the Filipinos. The strategic role of “happy ∞ feet” for Unilever Company is centered on three objectives: •To stay at the forefront as the market leader in innovative product introductions and successful product launches; •To strengthen and satisfy the needs of the more adventurous Generation Y consumers with a new eye-catching and functional product; •To become the market leader in the functional foot deodorizer segment with increased market shares.

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