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The story “Harrison Bergeron” is a story about equality. Being equal to one another is not always the best way to live. Everyone is different for a reason and when you are equal, life is boring. Also, when there is a ruler who controls everyone in the world and punishes those who do not listen and do not want to be equa, how the government makes laws or amendments for people to follow helps the world stay in order but causes some problems too.

The government makes up amendments that the people have to follow, and there is no limit to how many they are aloud to have. The government makes the amendments as they find new ideas and reasons to makes them. In the story there are 213 amendments. The amendments in the story are made so that no one is better or less equal to another in every kind of way such as looks, size, and smartness.

Next is the handicapper, or the one who keeps everyone in the world equal to one another by using masks or weights or even a head set that beeps so people can not even think about things. The handicap leader has to control all the people who try to not be equal to other and try to be greater by not listening to her. There is harsh punishment for everything you do to try to prevent from being equal to others. The general has to control what people need such has how much handicap bags you need or what kind of mask the person should wear.

Third is the way of life they have to live in their world with all the laws of equality. The whole purpose of this is so that not one person is better than another and if you do not listen you will suffer harsh punishment for it. The way of life is very strict with all the amendments so it does not allow anyone to have any fun. You always are making sure everything is the way it should be because if you are not equal it could mean death. The whole world is trying to make everyone equal to prevent fights over who is better than whom and to stop racial or any kind of looks discrimination.

By being equal to one another is not always the best way to live. The world was never meant to be equal and should never have to be equal because there is no reason because it ruins the way people are suppose to be. You can not change the way life was suppose to be by wearing masks and putting handicap weights on a person because they will just take them off and be who they really are and do what the are suppose to in life.

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