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Introduction of TOPIC

Harvard Real Estate Services (HRES) conducted a survey, which related to students housing experience and desires in 2001. The ample of feedbacks that supported and improved Harvard’s housing decision-making. In front of HRES, there are newly 2005 housing survey related Harvard’s “ Allston initiative” on the desk. HRES wants to update, improve and expand upon the 2001 survey to generate useful information to influence future house design and marketing decisions.

2001 Survey feedback
The first impression of the 2001 survey is logically clear but relatively long. The survey collected information as a logical sequence: from experience to expectation, from a broad point of view to a specific point of view, and from house to personal. A strong feeling of the survey is that, it really wants to cover every specific situation, but it becomes too specify and relatively longer than a “20 minutes survey’s” expectation. Emotionally, as a participant of the survey, they will feel very “thoughtful” of the survey maker who shows the consideration of everyone.

When conduct of the survey there are some points that I think really stops me. First, for questions that has too specific answer or choice. To those, I have to stop and read all those choice very slowly and verify their difference carefully. Like the question ask to specify current privately–owned house, it takes time to verify “private market in a single-family house, ” “private market in a multi-family house,” and “exchange service for a room in a house.” Second, for questions that rates the satisfaction and expectation. It also takes time to distinct the different feeling for each of those specific units. While, to the point that drives me continue that will be the logical sequence the survey have and the skillful position of complex questions the survey did. Most of time, the logical consequence attracts me to know what the next question is and the survey do not have more than

three complex questions together in one section. The 2001 survey

have merits such as thoughtful, logical clear, specify and focus. Especially, in the thoughtful and focus. The survey obtain information consider almost all the situation in terms of students’ concern and expectation, while since it divided into A to G, 7 sections, the survey questions very focus on the experience and the circumstance of the related issue. However, as mentioned before, since it is too specify, the survey also easier to lose attract of participant.

2001 Survey impact
Depending on the 2001 housing survey, HRES have assessed the specific habits and expectations of housing issue in Harvard. It produced a mutual understanding atmosphere, while help HRES equipped new housing facilities. More than that, HRES first time have the most basic database, and campus survey experience.

There have some striking impacts. First, the survey show the critical importance of “cost and location relative to space.” In the survey, HRES concern more about the relationship between location and cost. There even have an individual section “Transportation and Campus Assess,” to illustrate the concern about this issue. Second, the preference of “one bedroom apartment” was defined, and the “double-studio concept” was introduced. From the survey aspect, questions like “What was your ideal choice for housing type when you stared graduate school at Harvard?” directly address and then got feedback about this impact. Third, the survey produce a atmosphere of understand student activities focused on understanding students’ demand.

Questions should add or modify
Since there must have many changes in currant situation, some of the 2001 survey question should be modify and some of question should be add to address more concern on the “ Allston initiative.”

In front of HRES there have three major challenges: 1. preference maybe change, 2. Question should be current situation related;3. Price measurement changes.

There following charts is the section and recommend of the new survey: Section | Question| Modified or added| Reason | Section A | 1.“If you currently live in Harvard housing:Please indicate the type of space.” 2. “If you currently live in a Harvard-owned apartment or house: Please indicate the type of space.”| Modified—Should combine those two questions together. Also, should combine similar questions about the privately-owned | The survey should be more brief, there no big different among those two questions. | | 1. Should more specify of “Allston”, maybe have a choice in “Please indicate the location of your housing” 2. Have a more specific question to those people cricket “Allston”| Added| The new survey should more specify out about the “ Allston”| Section A| How much is the monthly rent or mortgage of your dormitory, apartment, or house? | Modified- How much is your monthly spend on the house rental? (including tax, utilities, etc.)| Since the price measurement change from unit price to price per person| Section D| Should combine some of those housing feature | Modified—depends on the 2001 and update those feature| 1. the survey should be more brief 2. the preference of the housing feature is change.

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