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Religion has existed in society from the beginning of time, werther it was worshiping gods of the sun and the harvest in the likes of ancient Egypt or ancient Greece or ‘modern’ religions such as Christianity, they have always been there in one form or another. The concept of religion has caused a lot of conflict, violence and prejudice within society. In the olden days there was a need for having a belief in a higher power, they did not have the advanced science we now have to explain all these everyday phenomena like how the sun comes up so they said that a man brought it up in a chariot every morning, but know we have explanations for all those things. So why do people still believe that there is a man in the clouds controlling everything. The idea of god, to me, seems like a delusion I cannot comprehend why people put so much trust and faith in something they do not even know exists. I can not help but see god as nothing more than an imaginary friend, but if you talk to people that do not exist you are calcified as a sociopath.

So why do we find the likes of praying normal? The most irritating thing about religion is that the extremist followers of a religion take everything literally! The most common example of this is the story of Adam and Eve and the theory of creationism. In ‘The Origin of Species’ by Charles Darwin there is clear proof that human evolved from apes, every sing species on the planet past and present has evolved from single celled organisms, but people still do not accept the facts. The one place that puts this scenario to the extreme is America. As quoted from an article in The Guardian, “startling 45 per cent of Americans now believe God created life some time in the past 10,000 years” these people are clearly wrong since research has shown that the universe is 13 billion years old. In the 1920’s evolution was band from being taught in schools in America, one of the best known examples in the Scopes trial in 1925.

The teacher John Scopes was prosecuted for teaching Darwin’s theory in his class and was fined. People believing that we were all made by “God” when there is clear proof to suggest otherwise just makes no sense and helps us with nothing, actually it brings us all down as a species by having people who are stupid enough to choose to ignore these facts amongst us. The medical field faces a great disadvantage because of religion and the idea of things being “morally wrong”. The field that suffers the most from this is stem cell research. Stem cells that can be used in research and to cure otherwise fatal diseases are most easily and most commonly found in human embryos, embryotic stem cells. Embryotic stem cells basically are undifferentiated cells hat have the potential to develop into any other type of specialised cells. Having this property gives us the ability to treat injuries to the spinal cord that leaves people paralyzed and can also help with the research for a cure for things like Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and several types of cancer.

People belive that a 5 day old embryo is a human being so u can not “kill” it to use for research, when in reality it is just a mass of approximately 150 undifferentiated cells. What they are saying is that it is moraly wrong to use a mass of cells because it has the potential to grow into a human being but is ok to let thousands of innocent people die. All this holts back our development in this field and prevents making peoples life easier for absolutely no reason. In these days people tend to use the idea of God as an excuse for their own ignorance. Major religions are usually sexist, racist and almost homophobic, so people who might not agree with gay marriage use the excuse that a religious text says its wrong therefore it should not be allowed instead of having a good justified reason to be against gay rights.

It seems that people pick and choose what parts of their religion to follow and ignore the rest of the “rules” they custom build their religion to suit them instead of practicing that faith for spiritual reasons or for a sense of community and culture. Also religion is just another reason for stereotyping and prejudice, we group all the people with the same faith as being all the same before we even know then.an example of this is relating the Muslim religion with terrorism after the events of 9/11. Religion has ended up being corrupt like everything ells in the modern world, politics power money, so why not get rid of it all together.

Taking everything in consideration religion really has no place in modern society and has no use either. In the beginning it made sense to use this idea of a higher power to explain things before they could be proven wrong. Even modern religions were an excuse to socialise, to bring people together and to build up a community and culture at first. Once the conflicts begun, by trying to convert people into something they are not or trying to prove with religion it the “correct” one, everything went downhill. All great things come in moderation, so if religious parties would stop being so extremist religion could re work its way into our society.

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