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In the year 2012, we had many popular trends that were liked by few but hated by many. This particular trend I’ve noticed almost makes me want to nauseate immediately. The growing trend of teenage pregnancy is increasing precipitously and no preventative measures are being taken. Teenage pregnancies provide a gateway to gain popularity and publicity. The fact that no strict regulations have been set in stone gives teenagers the freedom to do as they please. The reason that upsets me the most is the fact that teenage pregnancies are becoming a norm in modern day society.

Teenage pregnancies are a very delicate topic. Many teens use pregnancies as a scapegoat to elude their problems or to gain publicity which is often referred to as the “spotlight”. Teens often times use their pregnancies as bragging rights but in my book, I call them “excuses”. Teens that are pregnant tend to drop out of school and blame their pregnancy as the main excuse although it was a choice. Many teens brag about their pregnancy to catch the public’s eye. Some view teenage pregnancies as a blessing while others scorn the fact. The teenage mentality has to change because isn’t the only way out nor is it the proper way to the top.

Teenage pregnancies are a growing popular trend because there are no specified regulations on the limitations of teens. I’ll use myself as a prime example. I’m 19 years old and although I may not be the most responsible, I wouldn’t go around having babies with “babies” who can’t support themselves mentally and physically. I don’t personally agree with abortions but if a regulation for mandatory abortions for teens under the legal consent age of 18, then so be it. This will not only strengthen the nation and realign the nation’s integrity in general but it would be a huge contributing factor to the nation’s economy. Pregnancies and babies are expensive so it would be nice for teens to have repercussions, not as extensive as abortions, but a preventative that works.

As I’ve stated earlier, teenage pregnancies are a very fragile topic to discuss but my leading reason for disliking the growing popular trend of teenage pregnancies is because society is making it a part of the norm. It is not ethical for a teen to be pregnant because of the high risk factors alongside the immaturity and irresponsibility of many teens. According to scientific research, the human mind is not fully developed until about the age of 23 which heightens my reasoning on the fact that teens are not adequately prepared to start families. Teenage pregnancies are given much support nowadays, but through many articles and novels I’ve read, a few decades ago, if a teenager got or was pregnant, they were scorned mercilessly and ostracized by society. Teenage pregnancies shouldn’t be a norm but independence and degrees should be.

In closing, I stand very firmly of my hatred on the popular trend of teenage pregnancies. As explained earlier, teenage pregnancies are all too often used as a scapegoat or “excuse” to problem and/or popularity and publicity. The fact that teens have all this “freedom” and rights has only contributed to the growing trend. Teenage pregnancies are becoming a norm and are becoming openly accepted. This just goes to show that history is taking place, change over time!

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