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Having a relationship is common in teenagers’ life. It also occurs in college students. They could build a relationship with other as a bond of love. They could also do not have to build it to be free do everything. However, the consequences are different when a student decide to make a relationship and not. The first thing is the different in spirit of study. The spirit is in the form of motivation. It comes from someone that she/he loves. Nevertheless, someone who has no relationship may get motivation just from his/her closed people like closed friends, parents, and so on, not from the one that he/she loves. So having a relationship leads people to get bigger spirit compare to those who have no relationship. The next difference is in term of time management. The student who has a relationship has a limited time to study since she/he must divide the time for both studying and dating. It becomes more difficult when there is a dispute between the couple because it takes more time to solve a dispute. Compare to a student who is single, he/she has full time.

He/she does not have to worry about lack time for the reason that he/she could spend more time to study and do other activities. That is why the time management for those who have a relationship is not as well as the single students’ time management. The focus also differs between both students. The focus itself is affected by concentration. Sometimes, for a student who is in a relationship, when he/she is doing something, his/her concentration splits into two. So what appears in his/her mind is not only the thing she/he is doing, but also another thing which is his/her girlfriend. Then he/she could get loss concentration when they do activities such as studying, driving, and so on. At the end, he/she works with less focus.

In contrast, the single student could get a full concentration as a result of nothing in his/her mind except the thing that he/she is doing at the moment. Moreover, because he/she works with full concentration, the results of his/her works is better than the results from those who are work with less concentration. In conclusion, the differences between having a relationship and not having a relationship have their own plus and minus sides. The bigger spirit of study could be considered as a positive side of having a relationship while the better time management and better focus are positives side of not having a relationship.

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