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I am writing to you to express my enthusiasm for the postion as a year 11 Prefect and also Head Boy. I feel that Crispin has given so much to me over the past 4 years and I would be honoured to receive the opportunity to give something back. I have developed many different skills during my time here and I really think that having the role of a prefect/head boy will allow me to develop many more skills, and improve skills I have previously learnt.

One main skill I believe I would receive if I were given the role of a prefect/head boy would be the leadership skills which are vital for the future. Not only would this help me to gain leadership skills but also improve my confidence massively which is also vital for the future. This opportunity would further be something to put on application letters for jobs, college and universities and this is one of the main reasons why I feel so strongly about being a prefect/head boy.

I consider myself to be suitable candidate for the roles with my high standard of uniform, attendance and punctuality throughout all my time here at Crispin, I believe that I am a good role model for the rest of the school. My attitude for learning has always been of an excellent standard and I have always had the will to do well at school, both in primary and secondary school. Prior to the lessons, I along with Taisha run a lunchtime French club once a week on a Tuesday. I also work 4 days a week to fund raise money towards my World Challenge expedition to Morocco. This is just one example of my willingness through my own choice and I believe this also gives me the motivation to do well in school. Moreover, I think that I am reliable and responsible; both of which are important qualities for the roles of prefect and head boy. I feel I could pass on these qualities and show the importance of them to the students in the lower half of the school.

I have not been as involved in school life as I would of have liked to been. Therefore in year 11 I would really like to change this and I felt this would be an excellence play to do this. I am part of The Brilliant Club, DOFE, Football,County Handball and many more various sport teams.

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