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Kirmayer talked about various healing practices that are found around the world. He compares external medical system from internal medical system. He point out certain things regarding healing,its history which can be traced from a particular cultural tradition, It is also one way of life in every community, Healing has been uprooted, packaged and made available in a global marketplace.

In my culture, healing practices, especially Chinese acupuncture, is usually more popular than biomedicine among old generations.  After reading this article o began to contemplate regarding other healing practices being used around the world.  As shown on  Table 1, there are different lists of healing practices divided according to different regions.

 Is there a major healing practice that is world-widely being loved?  In my opinion, most of the healing practices that are provided on the list looks generally the same.  Although, there are differences in some extents, do you think these are all interconnected to each other?  Do you think there are general trend of healing practices in the world?  The popular healing process of drinking herbal tea nowadays has been practiced world widely.

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