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Assess the implications of health, safety and security legislation and regulations for a business role in a workplace environment. 1 Introduction In this report I am going to be talking about the role of the Health and Safety Officer in Kingston College. In this report I am going to be explaining the Health and Safety Officer’s role and responsibilities, the college’s workplace policies, the legislations that are linked to his responsibilities and the implications if these legislations are not followed. 2 Responsibilities of the Health and Safety Officer The main responsibility of the Health and Safety Officer is to look after the health and safety of engineering and science. He makes sure that all of the students and staff are safe from potential risks within the working environment e.g. from hazardous chemicals, faulty equipment and also the equipment and facilities that are being used must be checked to make sure that they are safe to work in. He also has two other responsibilities. Which I will be talking about below.

Responsibility 1: He does Health and Safety expectations where he checks all of the classrooms and facilities to make sure that there are no risk such as a faulty floorboard. He also checks the fire escape routes to see if there safe to use in case of an emergency and he also checks all of the electrical equipment to see if they are safe to use. He also has to carry out risk assessments to make sure activities which the staff and students do are safe. He assesses every activity and decides what the potential risks are and how to deal with these risks and how to eliminate these risks to make sure that they do not occur. Responsibility 2: He also carries out risk assessments on every chemical/substances which are being used. He provides everybody who uses these harmful chemicals/substances with goggles, gas masks, lab coats, gloves and safety shoes to make sure that they are protected while using these chemicals/substances.

3 Kingston College Workplace Policies Kingston College have many workplace policies which make sure that the working environment for students and teachers are safe. The following policies must be followed: Kingston College carries out risk assessments at the end of each term to make sure that all of the facilities, classrooms and equipment/ machinery are safe they look for any hazards e.g. a trip hazards that may be a potential risk and harmful towards students and teachers. Staff at Kingston College are trained every 3 years in first aid to keep them up-to-date on the skills needed for first aid. All staff are trained at Kingston College to have the skills and knowledge to support emergency evacuations. All new activities must be assessed to see if the new activity is safe to do.

Every risk and accident that may occur must be reported by filling out a accident/incident Report Form and then investigated and then must be dealt with in an appropriate manner. All health and safety posters must be displayed in classrooms and facilities to promote to students and staff on what to do when a potential accident may occur or how to act when an emergency occurs e.g. fire action posters must be displayed as these posters shows and tells students and staff on what to do and how to act when a fire occurs. All machinery and equipment must be checked and tested to see if there safe and not faulty. All hazardous substances must be stored away.

Only staff who are qualified must only have access and must only handle the hazardous substances as they are trained to handle these substances and know where to store them away. 4 Legislations which relate to The Health and Safety Officers responsibilities And Implications if these legislations are not followed Each responsibility that the Health and Safety Officer has relates to specific legislations. The following legislations relate to each of his responsibilities: ‘The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999’ The aim of this regulation is to reduce the risk of students and employees of being harmed or injured by assessing all of the potential risks within the college and by creating action plans for these potential risks or emergencies which may take place. This legislation relates to responsibility 1 as the Health and Safety Officer is responsible to carry out these risk assessments to ensure that the facilities and classrooms are safe and that the risk assessments are followed through.

Failure to do this, will lead to staff or students getting injured which can lead to bad publicity for the college which can also lead to a decrease in student intake, if staff or students get injured the college can be sued and go to court. ‘The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH 1994)’ This act ensures that any hazardous chemicals which are harmful to health and which employees or students can be exposed to have to be identified and assed within the workplace. Substances which are considered hazardous may be gases, liquids, fumes and dusts and chemicals.

This legislation relates to responsibility 2 as the Health and Safety Officer checks every chemical/substances to make sure that there not hazardous and harmful towards the students and staff he also makes sure that all of these chemicals are handled and stored away by staff who are authorised. He also must provide students and staff with equipment which can protect them from these substances. If this legislation is not followed the students and staff are at risk as these hazardous chemicals are harmful and if exposed they can be dangerous towards the students and staff’s bodies and skin this lead to the students and staff getting hurt/infected e.g. skin irritation, eye irritation and breathing problems. 5 Conclusion

Overall I believe that the Health and Safety Officers role is important as he makes sure that the working environment, facilities, equipment/machinery are safe to use and he also makes sure that all students and staff are safe and secure while they are within Kingston College. I believe that the Health and Safety Officer is doing a great job as he is promoting health and safety to the staff and students properly and he is following the policies to make sure that the working environment is safe.

Bibliography, ‘Health and Safety Policy’.

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