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The legislation that would be related in health and safety environment should be Health and Safety at work Act 1974. it would also be the Employers responsibility to provide a safe environment for their employees to work in, to have health and safety training and up to date system and procedures in place to ensure no one is put at risk.

The main points of my health and safety policy and procedurs would be to make sure myself and others are are not in danger. By ensuring a safe environment this would be done by taking out the correct risk assessments, locating hazards and removing them. Reporting accidents and and sudden illnesses. This would come under RIDDOR I would follow the procedure I…if the floors are wet put sign out so everyone is aware, report a situation you might think is a danger to others, be observant if there is something sticking out that someone could trip on move it to a more suitable place. EMPLOYERS. Health And Safety at work act 1974, would involve providing a safe environment to work to ensure no one is put at risk, They would include health and safety training that could possibly update systems and procedures.

Manuel Handing Regulation This would include attending training. Check equipment,is safe to use also have risk assesment, update risk assesement if needed, also would attend any training that is needed. Food Standers Act. They should attend training to be fully aware of how to use the correct equipment and would also have a responsibility to provide coulor codded chopping boards and. will wear PPE when handling some foods and maintain a good personal hygiene. Control of Subsentces Hazzaous To Health. To update COSHH files ans data sheets like risk assesments store hazaous subsentces correctly provide training of safe handling of subsentces

EMPLOYEES RESPONSIBILITIES. Carry out the correct health and safety checks, to take care of myself and others, report and record any dangerous situations to management. I ‘d always use personal protection equipment provided by my work place. Manuel Handling Regulation training you would not be allowed to move or handle equipment,also if you are not trained to give out medication or letting it be giving out. Fire procedures would not be carried out if not trained to do so. Food Standards Act. Attend training,use equipment provided and wear PPE when handling some foods and maintain a good personal hygiene. Others in the work place can be aware of there environment and if they see anything they might find a danger or hazard report it. Should also take responsibility for their own health and hygiene.

Moving and handling should not be carried out without correct training, you would not be allowed to move or handle equipment for health and safety puposes if you are not trained to give out medication or letting it be giving out. Fire procedures would not be carried out if not trained to do so. I would assess addition support, I would carry out the correct polices and procedures, I would access to the correct training.Would seek support from trained colleagues and management.i could also look at the care plan. Research or read health and safety notices by the fire doors. It is important to access health and safety hazards so that you minimize the risks to avoid harm to staff or residence if you are aware of of a potential health and safety risk you yourself should report and record it as soon as you know its a hazard.

They would state how you would carry out the task, you would have the right to not carry out the task if there wasn’t a risk assessment in therefore has a right to take risks, we all take risks in our day to day life, but as a social/ care worker you have a duty of care to the individuals you work with. A risk assessment is not meant to prevent an individual from doing things they wish to do but to identify any potential hazards & ensure clear procedures are in place to help reduce the risks & ensure the health & safety of those that could be affected. The lagest cause of accicdents at work 37% is manual handling dte to not usinf correct equipment, back injurie, stress and infection.

11. Legislations relating to moving and handling are the Health and Safety Act 1974, Manual Handling Operation regulation( MHOR 1992 ). Provision and Use Of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER 1998) and Lifting Operation And lifting Equipment Regulations ( LOLEK 1992 ) 12. moving and handling equipment and other objects safely is to follow policy and procedures and work within the correct legislation.

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