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Health and Social Care Essay Sample

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Health and Social Care Essay Sample

P2: describe the discriminatory practices in heath and social care P3: describe the potential effects of discriminatory practices on those who use the health and social care service.

I am going to write about the discriminatory practices in a care setting and the effects they have on individuals using the service. People can be discriminated against in a number of different ways which can be described as telling people apart, and seeing the differences instead of the person’s individualism. Prejudice

Prejudice is when a carer has decided that they can judge the service user and that they have all the knowledge they need to judge them, even through the ‘knowledge’is wrong. It is wrong to make a judgement made about someone or a member of group without actually knowing them. Prejudice is a baseless and usually negative attitude toward members of a group. Common features of prejudice include negative feelings, stereotyped beliefs, and a tendency to discriminate against members of the group. Judging others people involves carers thinking that they are better or superior, and that their views are right and that service user do not meet their standards and should be criticised or punished for failing to meet their expectations.

Care workers may prejudice and discriminate a service user because of their skin colour (black, white) care worker will judge the service user not because of the service users this is wrong because people don’t pick and chose their skin colour. Prejudice feelings can lead to care worker ignoring and keeping their distance away from the particular service user because the care workers have judged them in a negative way which is basely on the skin colour of the service user. This can be a problem because care workers need to be providing care to the service users which they won’t. Effects of prejudice

The service user may feel that they are getting judging by the carer because they are aware of how they are treating them because they see that the carer is disgusted or uncomfortable while around them or caring for the service user. The service user may feel angry because they don’t know what the carers problem with them is, also it can lead to service users to lose their confidence because they might think their is some thing wrong with them Stereotyping

Stereotyping is when classifying people because of one unique characteristic. Stereotyping is a form of prejudice the carer makes assumptions about the service user which can be a positive or negative attitude towards them. Carers are not allowed to stereotype service user because it can affect the level of care the service user will receive because if the carer serotypes someone they will neglect them or not give them the right care to meet their needs. Carers make these assumptions about someone without them knowing them which are bad because they don’t know them to stereotype them. In health and social care staff stereotyping is bad whether it’s good or bad. An example of stereotyping in a health and social care setting is when a care worker has made assumptions about service users because they are Jews this can lead to the care worker to neglect and look down on them because the care worker sees them in a negative way. This can lead to the care worker not giving the service user the right level of care because they don’t want to care for them.

Effects of stereotyping
Stereotyping can start to affect service users in number of way it could knock their self esteem it could change their behaviour to change to start believing and thinking that their is something wrong with them. They may feel ashamed of themselves this leads to a loss of confidence and start to view them selves in a negative way.

Labelling is when a carer labels another service user for example labelling someone as “bad” When they label service users they are essentially putting them into a stereotypical category of people. For example, someone who has not gone to university someone might automatically label you as ‘uneducated’ this is stereotypical if the person has got educated but took a different route. Sometimes people label someone without knowing them for example Fat

Labels can be used to say that a group of people are all the same. Labels then say that people are all the same thing. Such as being bad, weak and uneducated etc. When individuals are labelled it stops them from being people and that they are simply the label without knowing who they are. A label takes away peoples dignity and individuality. In health and social care sector it is not allowed to label service users because it interferes with the amount of care that service user receives. Cares my not be aware or unaware that they are labelling the servicer labelling is some thing that the carer thinks and then it can have an effect on the way they work with the service user for example feeling uncomfortable around or they are better then them which can leads looks down on them on service users Effects of labelling

Service users may withdraw themselves from others they can develop a feeling of not being worth anything. They may feel they have lost their identity and individuality. Some people might start to think well “if I’ve been labelled this, then I might as well act like it.” This is called the self-fulfilling prophecy which means when you are labelled the label itself becomes embedded so that you end up becoming what the label suggests. This can change the way you behave because the service user is frustrated so just gives up because they are unable to change what carers’ think about of them.

Bullying can happen to anyone whatever its type or size or the age of its members. There are many different forms of bullying, such as physically bulling someone is when someone is hit, punched, pushed, or have their personal items stolen and any other kind of physical aggressive behaviour. Verbal bullying is when someone is called names, threatened. Social bullying is when someone is left out, deliberately ignored and has bad things spread about them and made to feel like an outsider, Psychological bullying is when someone is stalked or intimidated. Abuse can occur from a lack of training or feeling they are superior so they feel they can abuse them because they are vulnerable. Effects of bullying

the effects of bullying is that can lead to service users becoming depressed and actually become ill, experience low self esteem, become withdrawn, experience physical complaints, like constant stomach aches and headaches which are brought on by stress. Bulling can make people feel lonely, unhappy and frightened. It makes them feel unsafe and start to make them think they can’t trust anyone. Service users can lose their confidence also become suicidal and want to take there own life. Abuse

Abuse is when a carer tries to control or dominate another person. It can be physically, emotionally harmful, arousing fear in an individual, preventing them from doing what they want, or forcing them to do something against their will. Abuse can happen to anyone but it mostly happens to people who are vulnerable like a child or an elderly person who are unable to take care of them selves, or protect them selves from harm or from being exploited. Abuse can happen to any one and you can get abused by family members, friends or a complete stranger, Abuse can occur from a lack of training or feeling they are superior so they feel they can abuse them because they are vulnerable. Forms of abuse

Physical abuse such as hitting, pushing, pinching, shaking
Financial or material abuse such as theft, fraud or exploitation, misuse of property, possessions or benefits. Neglect abuse is not having the help you need to have a bath or a shower if you are unable to do so by your own, not getting enough food or drink Verbal abuse is when someone says they will hurt you if you don’t do what they say, shouting or swearing at someone Emotional abuse is any behaviour that is designed to control another person through the use of fear, humiliation, and verbal or physical assaults.

Effects of abuse
The effects of abuse on a service users is that they will develop a sense of fear related to the abuser the carer they will isolate themselves from friends and family and there community. Abuse can cause a person to live in fear, pain and sadness, which can affect them mental and emotional health as well. The person may not feel unsafe and may live in fear of the person. They may never trust anyone which can lead the service user to not socialise with others.

Covert abuse of power
Covert abuse of power is when discrimination is hidden which can be harder to prove for service users. Covert abuse is when service user is not accepted in a residential care home because of their gender, skin colour, religion etc. When this happens the person is unaware that this has happened to them because it is hidden form them because, they think that there is no space or they are told there is no space. When really it’s because of their gender or skin colour which they where born with which get in the way of tem getting the support and help they need. Effects of covert abuse

The person may feel cheated because they are being judged on their gender or skin colour which can make them feel angry and upset and frustrated. People start to question is this “of my skin colour, gender” people may not want o report this because they feel that they are unable to prove which can make them feel even more angrier and frustrated. Overt abuse of power

This is clear and openly seen discrimination which service user are able see and experience which is not right when carers treating one services user differently from another because of their gender or skin colour etc service user are able to understand why they are discriminating them because its not hidden from them. Overt abuse of power can prevent carers from giving the service user the right care and treatments compared to another person this is not fair or ethical Effects of abuse

Service users may feels they are not getting treated the same as another individual and their confidence and self-esteem gets knocked down. When service users experience covert abuse they start to feel there is something wrong with them or feel that this is happening to them because they deserve it and then it starts to become normal to them which it shouldn’t.

Infringement of rights
Infringement of right are when a service user is not given the rights and choices that they should have and are entitled to because the carer infringes on the service user rights because the service user are unable to make the own choices and decisions so they chose for them. This could be because the carer may feel they are able to make choices for them because they are old or they can’t be bothered. These choices and rights that are taken away from service user can be simple things but can make a big impact on the service user these are choosing what to wear what to eat and also treatment that they receive and who they receive the treatment from male or female nurses. Effects of infringement of rights

Service users may feel that they are not being respected or that they exit because they feel that they are nothing because carers are not empowering them or giving them the right they deserve as human beings. Service user may have low self esteem and not it could damage their confidence and they will not become independence because they are not given the right to make choices for them selves and can make them feel upset and frustrated.

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