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One of the most important and common one is the Data Protection Act 1998 – this law states each individuals personal details are to be kept securely locked away, this law also protects the services users freedom rights, the DPA advise that all service users have a right to privacy and everyone else would need to seek services’ permission to obtain personal records The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI) widens the release of unstructured information to third party requests, but on the other hand, access to all personal data (under the Data Protection Act 1998) is an absolute exception under the Freedom of Information Act

Moreover Care Standard Act 2000 is also another legislation relating to health and social care settings – All service users must have care plans in place, which include the medical information, personal details and risk assessment. The Risk assessment should include the environment, individual mental and physical conditions; ALL Information must keep safe by locking it up.

It is important to have a secure protected system for all the service users because it is required by law – under the data protection act 1998 states all personal information must be kept private and secured under a lock also to not speak about any individuals outside of the office or in a public area this is done so that all service users details are protected in order to prevent identity theft.

It is important to secure their personal details as I must maintain the rights of an individual, as each individual has an equal right to have their information kept secured, if they have requested to keep their situation private I must protect their confidentiality and only allow authorized people to access their information.

It also is important to maintain the service user’s confidentiality because it would build a professional level of trust. Think about if my personal information such as bank account details or medical details is being passed on to some other people who do not have the right to know, I would be so worried and lost the confidence with trusting the bank or doctor because they are the only people should know my details. Hence, to my understanding, this can apply to the individuals I am looking after or taking of. They will lose trust in me. Under the code of practice, part of the code of conduct is to build up a trustworthy relationship.

It is also important to have secure systems because in case of an emergency and the police or health advisor/ doctor may need the individual’s details as soon as possible, it would be easily accessible.

Task Two – Know how to access support for handling information in health and social care setting

There are various ways to access guidance or advice on handling information; I could ask:

The senior carer or a senior member of staff as they could have previous past experience for example if a phone call has been made and someone is asking to know the status and personal information of an individual claiming they are the individual’s aunty however how can I prove they really are related over the phone, so I would ask a senior staff member as they would be in charge of what is going to happen and advice me what to do – tell the person on the phone to come into the care home to prove proof their relation to the service user, also I still would need to get consent from the service user as to whether or not they are allowed to access the information.

I could also ask Colleagues to get their opinion, as some of them have more experience working in a care setting and I can ask them about storage once I finished the service users reports I can ask where to put them.

If on the other hand the person has come into the centre still claiming they are related to the individual and they demanded to get the information on individual, I can always ask the service user whether or not the person at the door is related and if they have confirmed they are related I can ask the manager/ colleague whether or not to allow them to speak.

Another alternative method can be something much simpler – the Internet. Often these days the internet is very useful, it can help resolve that give advice and guidance. For instance, I can ‘Google’ legislation in regarding handling information so I can get more ideas on data protection act and freedom of information act.

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