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Today there are numerous health care access options available to people whether the option is a web-based resource, walk-in clinic, or retail clinic. Having different ways people can receive health care is important. There are some people that will not use a web-based resource but prefer a walk-in clinic and vice versa. This paper will be covering MedExpress, a walk-in clinic. MedExpress’ target audience, marketing, the effectiveness of their marketing, and marketing improvement will be discussed. Target Audience

MedExpress is a walk-in urgent care facility located in Indiana, Pennsylvania. They offer an array of services to the public from immunizations to non-trauma emergency care. Their target audience in their marketing campaign is geared toward basic health care needs as well as urgent minor care. Their target audience within the community are people in need of immediate care or services. Their audience is identified with the first paragraph of their welcome statement, “MedExpress is supported by a network of quality medical facilities providing outstanding healthcare in a friendly, personalized patient setting. You should feel confident that you or a loved one will receive the best medical care from our staff of board-certified physicians and clinicians. We provide state-of-the-art technology with on-site diagnostics. Our mission is to provide outstanding medical care in a non-hospital environment at a fraction of the cost.” (MedExpress, 2015) This opening Statement clarifies exactly what services to expect from the organization. Marketing

MedExpress’ marketing strategy is exceptionally basic; to educate. Although it is simple, is it effective? MedExpress’ website that is accessible to the community is very detailed providing information on the services provided in the clinic. The objective is to gain the confidence of the audience by insuring the community they are well equipped and have the experience and training to meet their needs. They also go in depth by listing the equipment and capabilities on site, such as orthopedic injuries, drug testing, occupational medicine, etc.. An informative approach in the health care industry has been proven to help influence the decision making process of the consumer. MedExpress’ approach is open and legit. Despite the fact that their methodology is straightforward and genuine, measuring the viability of their approach is not basic. The objective of any marketing system is to acquire and retain. Gaining the attention of the target audience is first priority need and retaining support of the audience is the desired result.

To get this result, MedExpress requires a vital structure for conceptualizing, outlining, and scaling endeavors so that both the intended target audience and the objectives of MedExpress are met. Although MedExpress has been successful with their present marketing campaign, it does not have the imagination and profundity to pull in a more extensive crowd that is important to impact development not simply survival. MedExpress comprehends who their objective purchasers are, what makes a difference the most to them, and the strides they take to decide. Their substance is clear and conclusive inside of their methodology. Their definitive objectives are to educate and offer substance that is based upon truth and promotes trust. They have accomplished their definitive objectives, however there are still upgrades that can be made to their marketing strategy to gain interest of the community.

In addition to attracting more of the community toward their desired destination, these littler objectives likewise serve as benchmarks that can help track and measure the execution of content along the way. Customers now are in full control of the data they get and how they get it. It’s fundamental to verify MedExpress putting forth substance that is significant, solid and turns into an asset for these wise prospects. Web marketing has changed the scene of advertising in the most recent couple of years. Using outlets, for example, email promoting, online networking and traditional publicizing, for example, TV, radio, and print are still suitable resources in marketing strategies. MedExpress has not utilized these methodologies to acquire their target audience. Utilizing these outlets will broaden their range and influence their focus on the gathering of their target audience. Additionally, utilizing these resources to set up or organize health clinics within the community will likewise help boost their patient base. There are likewise key conceptual points that needs consideration. Community outreach projects can likewise be a successful type of communication. Conclusion

In summary, MedEpress’ marketing strategy is straightforward yet viable to impart their targeted audience. Despite the fact that their system does not have the radiance of most marketing campaigns that are actualized with bigger spending plans to achieve a more extensive crowd, their campaign has turned out to be suitable for the development and advancement of their organization. Looking from the outside in, one could simply see where changes should be made to any project, yet one must be within the wall to see the exact effectiveness of any methodology. Basically; what lives up to expectations for one may not work for all.


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