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Minute Clinic is a health clinic affiliated with CVS Pharmacy. The clinic is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Scheduling appointments prior to the visit are not necessary. The plus side to this clinic is that it is popularly known nationwide. The clinic is also known to take most insurance coverage’s, thus attracting more customers. Minute Clinic offers a broad range of services to keep customers healthy. The clinic also specializes in diagnosing and treating illnesses, injuries and skin conditions, the clinic provides all kinds of wellness services, including vaccinations, physicals, screenings and monitoring for chronic condition. The nurse practitioners and physician assistants at the clinic provide services for both adults and children who are 18 months and older. The clinic is a common family practice that treats patients of all ages, incomes, physical abilities, races, and ethnicities.

There are many considerations taken when individuals decide to choose a family physician. Of those considerations, people tend to look for physicians who are well educated, informed, skilled and who will listen carefully to their health concerns. Patients tend to choose a doctor whose nearby their homes and whose hours are convenient with their schedule. Having short wait times when scheduling appointments and sitting in the waiting rooms waiting to be seen is also put into perspective. Another thing patients look for is clinics who have friendly and helpful employees, and also one that will accept their health insurance provider. The Minute Clinic’s strategy for a successful business is based on maintaining their name within the community through public speaking, networking, promotional events, and print advertisements. Another strategy is having the clinic in an open spaced and well trafficked area with extremely qualified and well motivated employees who have an obligation to provide the best care and patient experience possible during their interactions.

Another marketing strategy the clinic possesses is having a building with a bright and positive appearance with flowers and plants to fully decorate the clinic. Along the roadside and plaza are plenty of colorful and informative signs that help inform patients of the clinics services and its exact location. Customer service is also key in engaging clients, the clinic staff great their patients with a welcoming smile upon arriving and entering the clinic. When entering the clinic patients’ needs and concerns are addressed immediately and are then asked politely to have a seat in the waiting room. To keep patients entertained while in the waiting room they are seated on comfortable chairs, have good lighting, listening to soft music or watching T.V, and reading magazines with a variety of popular topics that may interest any patient. The walls of the clinic are decorated with beautiful art with a large fish tank in the center of the room.

The examinations rooms has a professional, sanitary and structured look, the walls are highly decorated with medical poster boards that have explanations of the most familiar diseases. During the visit the physician is dressed in a white coat and tie and conducts himself in a professional and polite manner. After the examination, the physician or the nurse nicely lead the patient to the front where all additional arrangements will be made. A small business reminder card is filled out and given to the patient as a reminder of their next upcoming appointment. Minute Clinic’s marketing approach is pretty accurate since they have been in business for over 50 years and are well trusted throughout the nation.

Their extensive approach to constantly improve their services to better serve the client has earned them the number 1 rank in customer service satisfaction. However, every business is in need of improvement. In order to rank higher through customer satisfaction the clinic must maintain their promises. The clinic tends to promise its customers less than five minutes in the waiting room, however, thats not always the case. In today’s world the business environment is getting more and more competitive. Customers won’t associate themselves with businesses who tend to break their promise. It is important to tell customers the truth at all time that is the only way to maintain a healthy business client relationship.

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