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* The purpose of this assignment is to gain a broad perspective of risk management and quality management as applicable to all health care organizations, rather than focusing on a specific segment of the health care industry. *

* Conduct research on the health care disciplines of risk management and quality management and their roles in and influences on organizational performance.
* Look for common themes and characteristics shared among the sources you used to conduct your research on the relationship of risk management and quality management to leadership and governance, philosophy and culture, and stakeholders. Use at least three research sources, with two from the University Library and one from the course textbooks or this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. You may use as many additional resources as necessary to assist you in identifying factors. Provide citations for all sources consistent with APA guidelines. *

Complete the grid by summarizing information in the Risk Management and Quality Management columns. Use bullet points of a few words or short phrases to describe each element. Use at least four bullet points for each item. This grid is not meant to be lengthy or all-inclusive; rather, it is a starting point on which you can build your knowledge of risk-management and quality-management concepts.

Questions| Risk Management| Quality Management
How does the leadership and governance of a health care organization influence the development and implementation of risk-management and quality-management policies?| The leadership and governance of a healthcare organization are basically intertwined the leadership is responsible for implementing plans and using the experience they have gained as a tool for the process of “implementing policies and procedures” that are going to protect the organizations patients and staff from hazards basically ensuring the safety on a variety of issues and financially preventing a huge” loss” most healthcare organizations are made up of boards whom oversee and govern these policies| Quality Management Improving patient careIT systems updated “information technology”Using resources gathered to ensure that patients and physicians are satisfied Quality Management means the objective is cost control, patient satisfaction and enrichment of productivity| How do the philosophy and culture of the risk-management and quality-management policies influences organizational performance?|

Organizational performance is influenced by the philosophy that if policies are governed by leadership and or a board the outcome becomes less costly and losses are minimal the culture being leadership is educated and trained for this type of planning| Quality Management is influenced by a fast paced culture where performance is based on outcomes and how the public perceives the organization in a whole performance based on demand and quality care and effectiveness and efficiency.| How do the risk-management and quality-management policies affect stakeholders?| The stakeholder can be affected by any losses that could come out of taking these risk the policies whether written or verbal can impact them financially, compensation is based on performance the affect are they can ask for accountability in this process | Quality Management affects stakeholders in very positive aspects it brings about diversity, better patient care, public relations and financial gains if for profit.

Citations for All Sources

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