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Communication, in the healthcare field, allows hospitals, institutes, and practices to consolidate and unify to achieve a common objective. There are three key conductors of communication exist in any association of various content, management, supervisors and workers with the institute. Communication and distinctions, whether it is unofficial, informal, or formal, must be strictly charted. Traditional, social, and electronic media for health care communication has advantages and disadvantages. Awareness may be raised and increase knowledge of an issue may happen with social media. Although the all audience’s needs should be targeted, social media and traditional communication may not be able to accumulate all of the communication goals that are being attended to.

In order for employees to work towards common goals, managers, with four major functions, assist in the health care setting. The following functions are responsibilities for managers of all levels: resolution maker, arranging the process of formatting procedures, presentation objectives, permitting and directing, and organizing the procedure of assigning. Some other responsibilities are taking curative procedures, calculating the process of evaluating results, and encouraging activities that maintain company goals, leading the process of building assurance, and congregate and inferring work routine. These responsibilities help achieve, and fulfill global organizations objectives, high routine goals and quotas. The managers’ responsibility is to entrust high productivity in the success of an organization and guarantee this achievement.

Furthermore, utilizing the sources of internet, news, radio, social networking and related companies, a wider vast audience can be reached. For example, if local or mainstream news reports a well-known public figure may have been affected by a drug, a communications coordinator must handle the issue vigilantly. Addressing the appropriate public, this can ensure there no loss in production without trailing business and the expectation created by the manufacturer with consumers and investors. While maintaining the important HIPPAA guidelines, this must confer objectives of medical concerns and tactics that are must suitable for the association’s condition. Using face-to-face message allows the institute to talk to the well-known public figure personally to build trust and to ensure that the pessimistic effects of the medication are full heed rancid. This outline statement shows sentiment and clears up any misinterpretation and decides that subdivision topic. Using face-to-face communication to the common is durable and very complicated because each personage has their own views and opinions. There are several disadvantages of using this form of communication. These inconveniences of face-to-face communication “are less authentic than written communication as they are informal and not as organized as written communication, are not easy to maintain and thus they are unsteady, and there may be misunderstandings as the information is not entire and might require fundamentals”(“Oral communication -,2013” ).

In addition to, several of the advantages of electronic communication are the capability to accomplish a great level of citizens particularly via the internet. Supplementary Americans utilize the internet for research, inquiries and news. Setting up blogs and debate discussion on the internet allocate the communication coordinators company to obtain criticism on the circumstances and also, allows launching immense e-mails to each person who was affected by condition to explain apprehension and that we working durable to determine the topic. The recompense of using electronic communication are “the internet has the ability to transmit and receive large amounts of information quickly to and from individuals around the world; electronic communications lets you combine numerous media – text, graphics sound, video, etc. – into a single message”(“Why use electronic,” ). Electronic communication can produce a powerful message for intended audience

Finally, ”Under HIPAA, when a research institution conducts a clinical trial that includes treatment of subjects, the research institution must obtain an authorization from the subject that permits both the disclosure of the subject’s PHI to the sponsor and the sponsor’s use of the subject’s PHI (Authorization”(“HIPAA considerations for,” 2002). Using traditional, electronic and social media communication must oblige to HIPPA and other important policies. HIPPA was engrained to protect all patient healthcare information. An object oblige permit any institute to utilize their health care information. In make sure there is no violation of any regulation such as patient confidentiality being breach, supervisors should make sure employees get authorization from the patient. Doctors and nurses should make sure when utilizing electronic communication has to have permission to use the patients e-mail.

This is vital because HIPAA email is deemed as PHI. In conclusion, several means of communication can be utilizes in the health care field. Whether the means of communication is informal, formal, or unofficial, communication is a necessity. Social media, electronic and traditional communications are the methods. Newspapers, face to face, and magazines are traditional communication. Emails and the internet news are considered electronic communication. The radio and television is considered social media communication. There are advantages and disadvantages of using either means of communication. It is the peers, workers, and supervisors occupation to manage and utilize these methods to the best of its ability. These methods must oblige and be enforce by the HIPAA to prevent the misuse of patient’s information.


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