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Health Care Reform Project Part II Essay Sample

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Health Care Reform Project Part II Essay Sample

Uninsured immigrants and illegal aliens continue to plague the United States hospitals and health care systems making care difficult to obtain by those who are in America legally, and pay for health care. There are some very good ideas how to solve, if not slow the progression, of this problem. Requiring all foreigners to be fingerprinted upon entry to the United States is the first idea. A responsibility of the immigrant is to have an American sponsor prior to entry, willing to be financially and legally responsible for him or her. Fingerprinting the immigrant when they are seeking medical treatment gives, the ability to track illegals accessing health care treatment. Cross checking the fingerprints with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) would verify the immigrant’s legal status. This would serve the dual purpose of finding illegal aliens to return to his or her country of origin, or if there is a party responsible for the patient’s medical bills, locate the payee.

“Congress should also clarify existing federal emergency medical service laws regarding the termination of a hospital’s obligation for continuing care after the provision of emergency treatment to stabilize the patient” (Ruark & Martin, 2009, p.22). It would be inhumane to turn anyone in need away from a hospital. He or she could be treated and sent on his or her way, instead of allowing an uninsured immigrant to stay in the hospital for weeks, sucking hundreds of thousands of dollars in valuable health care. Other provisions must be made at a low cost outpatient clinic for follow-up care. Verification of the patient’s fingerprints and status already took place in the emergency department.

Forcing employers of unskilled laborers to provide minimum health insurance for employees and families may relieve the problem somewhat. Holding the employers of these workers accountable for the medical bills if he or she is not willing to provide health insurance for the employees may encourage paid benefits. The temporary workers here on work visas are not offered any benefits.

These are just three of the recommendations offered by the researched article and appear to be excellent ideas, yet so far untried. Even if a portion of the illegal immigrant health care were reimbursed it would be a remarkable start to this overwhelming problem. Article two Solution

There is a desperate need to help balance hospitals economic crisis because of unreimbursed medical services provided to illegal immigrants. There are many proposed options to this dilemma, but so far, this continues to be ignored with little to no action taken on this matter. The federal government has not taken hospitals unreimbursed expenses seriously, and they continue to ignore the fact that illegal immigration is their responsibility. The article reviewed suggests that because illegal immigration is the responsibility of the federal government, the services provided by states, communities, and hospitals should be reimbursed by the federal government (Green & Martin, 2004). If the Federal government does not have the funding to pay for these services they need to work closely with hospitals on solutions to such a problem.

Hospitals and other providers have to deal with such burden on their own without much support from the federal government. This is unfair because there are immigration acts in place that should reimburse hospitals for services provided to illegal immigrants, but because these acts are not funded, hospitals are not reimbursed. While hospitals continue to provide emergent treatment to illegals, the unreimbursed dollar amounts for these services is at its highest peak. This burden continues to cost millions of dollars to hospitals and providers. Just within the southwest U.S. border, hospitals have reported losses at almost $190 million per year. Without support from the federal government hospitals will continue to cut services and reduce staff; these consequences trickle down to cutting services to those who do pay for insurance and are citizens of this country. Article Three Solution

There is no real problem with illegal immigrants the real problem with illegal immigrants is not that the illegal immigrants are here using the resources. The problem is that there are resources that are used without contribution. These immigrants have access to hospitals and to the schools thus not having to pay taxes or getting health insurance. The question comes up “how much, if any, resources should go to immigrants?” Illegal immigrants are taking from society without giving anything in return such as health care, education, and other areas of public service. Stop them from coming in the first place, or find a way to have them contribute. Otherwise, the systems are going to go bankrupt due to the people who are taking from it but, not contributing to it (2008, Geek Politics). On the other hand, this is still a problem that needs to be addressed. It only cannot continue to infinity because then money will eventually run out. The solution is not to keep them out with a “fence” or kicking them out.

There is a way that would force them to contribute. The Affordable Care Act is one that could benefit with the expansion of Medicare that way immigrants must contribute if the benefits want to stay in place. If the government should start enforcing the laws that are already established and punish companies that pay illegal immigrants under the table. This means that to find work the person must be documented that way they are being taxed. Another solution that would make things easy is the sales tax. This means that any illegal immigrant pays the same taxes as any other legal citizen does (2008, Geek Politics). By doing this everywhere, the illegal immigrants would not be a problem. The immigrants would contribute just as much to the system as they are taking out. The only ways to fix this are to make them leave, stop them from coming, or to make them contribute the same as everyone else. Trying both is fine, but it seems that the simpler solution is to let them come if they want, but make them contribute. Making them contribute it can seem “less” attractive to be an illegal immigrant.


Green, A., & Martin, J. (2004). Uncontrolled immigration and the U.S. health care system. The Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies, 29(2), 225-241. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/216800962?accountid=458 Immigration Solution. (2008). Retrieved from http://www.geekpolitics.com Siskind, G. (2004). Uncontrolled Immigration Yields Healthcare’s Critical Financial State, According to Study by Anti-Immigration Group. Venulex Legal Summaries, 1.

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