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Health Care System Essay Sample

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Health Care System Essay Sample

After watching the class video on our health care system I was shocked to learn several statistics. First that there are 20,000 citizens die every year because they do not have health insurance. That is unacceptable. You are talking about people, as in the case of Maria that is a hard worker but because of not having health insurance, she delays going to her family physician until she can no longer have a quality of life that she can tolerate and then she still is defeated. I am amazed about several things regarding our country. As the video stated, as a citizen you have a right to an attorney if you cannot afford one, you have the right to a free public education and you have the right to vote among other rights. What you do not have is the right to free health care or affordable health insurance.

The only way you get treated is if you are bleeding out in an ER or if you are incarcerated. Criminals have better healthcare than a hard working woman trying to make ends meet! I do not understand how our country spends 2 trillion dollars a year on health care and yet there is no universal health care program. Maybe what is included in that total is the cost of medicines and procedures. I recently had a surgery and I was given 2, regular strength Tylenol. When I requested an itemized statement of my charges, I was shocked to see that I was given 2 generic acetamine tablets, which I did not mind, but what I did mind was that I was charged $2.25 a piece for those tablets.

That’s a total of $4.50 for a single dose. The amount that is charged for specific tests is way out there as well. I think every citizen has a right to universal basic coverage and preventative coverage as well. If preventative coverage was a given, I think people would take of themselves better because it would spur them on to be better educated about their health and therefore we would be a healthier nation. My health insurance through my husband’s company allows a completely covered gynecological exam and a mammogram once a year.

That’s important to me because my mother died of breast cancer and cervical cancer at the age of 48. I am now presently 2 years older that she was when she died. Also through his company they contract with an university to do a yearly health screen that includes, blood pressures, cholesterol testing, diabetes testing and a few others all for no cost and you get a print out of your numbers and if they are off a description of what you should do to make you healthier. Also if you partake in this program and do the free follow ups, you get your medications free. For example if you have a certain type of diabetes, as long as you have your blood checked, a vision test and foot exam yearly they cover all your medication. If a large company can do this for their employees, why can’t the United States do this for their citizens?

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