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Health Consciousness Among Urban Population Essay Sample

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Health Consciousness Among Urban Population Essay Sample

Our health is one of our most important asset and without health nothing else that we do would matter. Health consciousness is not just about watching out our weight but also being healthy by way of eating healthy foods and exercising to avoid illness and lead a joyful and stressful life. This project tries to understand if people today are really health conscious, whether they realize the importance of health eating and exercising. Also the project focuses on which physical activities do people prefer the most, if people have knowledge of “a balanced diet regime”, and what is their daily routine of physical activity. The research brings out the fact that even though people are health conscious and have the re realization of the fact that healthy eating and exercising is important, a very small percentage of people try to follow a healthy lifestyle. Also the research concludes that different age groups have different choices for physical activities.


The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity Many people do not realize the importance of good health, and even if they do, they may still disregard it. Whether we work at home or in an office, we need good health in order to perform our duties well. A person can be said to be healthy when his or her body is healthy. In order to keep the body healthy, it is fundamental to follow a wholesome diet, consisting of fresh vegetable proteins in the form of lentils, beans, milk products, dried fruits and the like. Health conscious eating can give you the energy you need to get through the day, while keeping you healthy and strong. Eating healthy is not just about losing weight. A healthy diet is well-balanced and nutritious and is custom-tailored to one’s lifestyle. Benefits of Healthy Eating:

1.Eating healthy prevents obesity: A poor diet is often one that is high in fat and salt, and low in vitamins and minerals. This combination can cause you to gain weight and won’t keep your body functioning properly, leaving you vulnerable to disease and medical emergencies such as heart attack and stroke. Being overweight puts a strain on your body, and feeling unhealthy affects your mental health.

2.Eating healthy is the easiest and most important way in which one can keep active and shield oneself from the many diseases that are now common. By eating healthy one is boosting his/her energy levels, improving their bodily functions, and helping to improve their immunity.

3.Healthy eating enables you to better handle stress: Stress can take its toll on your health. However, by eating right and taking care of oneself, one can reduce that stress to a manageable level and increase productivity and enjoyment of life.

4. It helps to meet your daily nutritional needs. One’s daily food intake should include some amounts of grain, fruit, vegetables, milk (or other dairy products), beans, oils, and protein. There are vitamins and minerals in healthy foods which can boost the immune system and shield one from many common illnesses.

5.One sleeps better and is more rested when they wake up.

Importance of Physical Activity
Many people today have become less physically active during their daily routine. As well, food is far more plentiful, varied, quick and easy to prepare, making it more difficult to keep the required energy balance. Energy input (food intake) becomes greater than energy output (activity) when we eat more than we need or use. That excess of energy soon translates into weight gain — and the potential to develop chronic, obesity-related diseases later in life. To correct this energy imbalance and ensure we stay fit and healthy, it’s important to maintain an effective level of activity. Exercise increases the rate at which your body uses energy (kilojoules) and burns up stored energy (fat), promoting weight loss. Increase in level of physical activity does not only decrease the amount of fat the body is carrying, it will also improve overall fitness. It is therefore important that when exercising, the effort must exceed that of one’s’ normal daily activities.

Why the decrease in physical activity?
Many people are not getting enough exercise for a variety of reasons. Not everyone knows how much exercise is enough for a start, and so they may think that they’ve done enough because they go for a long walk a couple of times a week. Other people have a better idea of what they should be doing to keep fit, but just cannot find the time. It is particularly difficult for those who work full-time and have other commitments, such as family, which demand much of their time. Then, there are those who simply cannot be bothered to exercise. They could probably find the time if they wanted, but they don’t want to, and so they don’t. In the past, it seems that people were more active than they are today. The types of jobs that people did were different, often being more physically demanding. Plus, fewer people owned cars and so they had to either walk or cycle everywhere. Exercise was something people did without necessarily having to think about it. They just got out on their bike or walked, whereas now exercise is viewed as somewhat of an inconvenience that you have to get dressed up for and take time out of your day to do.

That is why so many people join a gym – because they think joining it will give them the motivation to go on a regular basis, when usually this is far from being the case. Many people have just got out of the habit of doing exercise. They may have played with their friends in the park when they were youngsters and ran around or cycled everywhere, but then they grow up and get cars and exercise is no longer a priority. They may not even consider their activity levels until they start gaining weight and realise that they have to do something about it. There are so many other interesting things to do that after work, most people would prefer to watch television or play computer games than do anything which requires them to break into a sweat. It seems that people don’t realise how important exercise is for good health. Exercise is not only useful when you’re trying to lose weight; it’s the best way to keep your heart healthy and reduce your chances of developing serious health issues. That is why medical experts recommend that you get at least half an hour of moderate-intensity exercise, five days a week. However, despite the benefits of regular exercise, there are people who have a tendency to focus on the negatives of exercise, such as the fact they will get hot and sweaty, rather than concentrating on the positives.


To know if people try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
To know if people try to stay healthy by exercising or eating right or both. To know what food items are a part of their daily diet.
To know which physical activity people mostly include as their exercise. To know which physical activity people prefer the most as exercise to keep fit. To know how much time do people devote to exercising per day. To know what is the reason which prevents them from maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To know if people make efforts to learn ways of keeping themselves fit and healthy.


Collection of data has to be done in a manner that the study on the concerned topic is effective. For this a framework called the “Research Design” is used. This process was used in the project and includes the following steps: Defining Research Objective:

The objectives of the study as mentioned earlier are:
Scope of the study:
The study mainly deals with the customers’ preferences for various cuisines. So Study is conducted within age group of 10-45.
Sampling: Sample is the small group taken under consideration from the population. This small group represents the total group. The main advantages of sampling are that the cost is lower, data collection is faster, and since the data set is smaller it is possible to ensure homogeneity and to improve the accuracy and quality of the data. There are two types of sampling techniques used for the research purpose- Probability and Non Probability Sampling techniques. The method of sampling used in this study is non-probability and under the that, we have used convenience and judgmental sampling The sample size for the research is fixed. It counts to 40 of which the sampling is done using online survey.

Data Collection:
Data Collection:

This report is based on primary as well secondary data, however primary data collection was given more importance since it is overhearing factor in attitude studies. One of the most important users of research methodology is that it helps in identifying the problem, collecting, analyzing the required information data and providing an alternative solution to the problem .It also helps in collecting the vital information that helps in better decision making both day to day decision and critical ones. Primary data is collected through questionnaire, search and research through online survey using Google documents. Secondary data is being search sites like magazines, newspapers, journals, websites and the data has been collected through other approaches.

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