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Health Risks and Prevention Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

When speaking of cardiac disease there are many risk factors, Some of the factors are genetic, but there are several that are able to be controlled. Some of the major controllable risk factors would include your activity level as well as your weight. After that diet choices including high grain and low fat will make a big difference in your life. Also foods high in saturated fat that can raise your cholesterol should be avoided.

Hypertension is another risk factor that can be controlled and overcome. Hypertension is when the heart contracts and the pressure is high enough in the arteries and veins that there is risk of rupture on an aneurism. Usually if this is the case the heart is working too hard and needs to be controlled with diet or medication. In most cases a low sodium diet or medications that contain a Beta blocker can be introduced to lower the hearts contractil

e force thus lowering the strain on the heart and the rick of a stroke. As with most disorders there

are those factors that we can not change including Heredity, Age, Gender and your Race. Every background and race has a pre disposal for certain disorders as well as certain age ranges and genders are more likely to see certain disorders.

As with most disorders cancer is one of the ones that have been tracked for many years. With all the factors involved and in place these are the most common forms that people may develop. Prostate, Breast, Lung or respiratory, Colon or rectal, urinary, non specific Lymphoma, kidney or renal, leukemia, thyroid, and ovarian would be among the top of the list. There are many scientists doing research on both cardiac and cancer to find ways to prevent or detect the presence early in order to correct the problems.

Lately in cardiac news there is a new test called the C – reactive protein test. This test can check for a certain protein in the body that makes the arteries in the heart get inflamed. When the inflammation bursts if causes clots that block the artery. This test is inexpensive and only needed for those that are not already diagnosed with CAD. The treatments are the same, and some doctors and researchers believe that it could eventually put a stop to heart attacks.

As with all disorders a healthy lifestyle is the best defense with regular dr appointments and physical exams. Healthy diet, low cholesterol controlling blood sugar, using sun screen and limiting your exposure to direct sunlight as well as getting enough rest and exercising will help keep you healthy.

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