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Health, Safety and Injury in Sport Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Task 1; investigate the different risks and hazards associated with sports participation. Choose 6 risks and hazards, describing and explaining them in the table below.


Description (P1) and explanation (M1)

Other users

Behaviour of other users may lead to misuse of equipment and even broken equipment. If their attitude is in the wrong sort of manner they may distract or affect the learning of others. Also others may pressure you into doing something above your ability.


It is always good to take into account what the environment is like, e.g. weather, warm, cold, hard surface, bogy surface. It is important to check out what the facilities are like before exercising on them to see if they are relevant.

The coach

The coach may teach you the wrong technique and may set your skill level too high which means you will be competing at a higher level which you’re not capable of and you may over train yourself trying to get to the skill level that has been assigned.


Inappropriate clothing may lead to serious strain to yourself or someone else. If your clothing is long and baggy you may fall over the trailing clothing and may seriously damage yourself or someone else. If you don’t have the right protective equipment you are putting yourself at risk and may become injured and unable to take part. If you are using faulty or damaged equipment whilst you train you may not be getting the right sort of skills that you are after and therefore when you come to the event that you have been training for you may harm yourself as you are not properly prepared.

Lifestyle/parental influence

A child may be at risk of being over trained because of pushy, demanding parents that wish their child to be the best and successful. The parents may over train the child so he/she can be at a higher level and be able to perform to

a higher standard. Also the parents may be living their dream through their child and demanding them

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to do well, over and above their capabilities.

The sports performer

An inappropriate warm up or cool down could cause serious strain to your body due to when you warm up you will not have your heart rate at its peek so you will be unable to participate. If you do not do a cool down or cool down too quickly you will not get rid of the lactic acid which is produced when you exercise and this will result in your bones and joints becoming stiff and sore. If you were physically fit you would be in good condition and in good shape so you would be able to take part in higher levelled activities unlike if you were not physically fit you would be in bad condition and in poor shape and would not be able to take part in higher levelled activities. There are many different types of physiques for different sports for example, marathon runners would be slim and muscular and a rugby player would be big and strong. Alcohol can affect you in many ways, one of these are that when you have alcohol in your system it effects your co-ordination and balance, this may lead to causing harm to your self by falling over whilst trying to exercise such as if you tried to play football you would fall over and possibly injure yourself.

Another example of having alcohol in your system is that it may lead to you becoming angered easier, for example, if someone tackled you hard but fairly you may get angered and this may lead to an argument or violence. There are many different ways of technique but all must be appropriate for the sport/exercise which you are doing. If you use the wrong technique you run the risk of badly injuring yourself such as, if you was lifting weights and used your back instead of your legs, you could damage your back severely. When you train you should push yourself as much as you can but there are limits.

If you push yourself to hard you can damage your body in many ways. When you push yourself too far it is called over training and is a very dangerous risk to take such as you could tear or pull a muscle and will not be able to take part in future training until it repairs itself. It is very important for you and others around to behave as it can cause injuries to occur or you will not be able to hear the instructions given for an exercise. When you exercise it is important that you don’t where jewellery as it may cut someone or if it was an ear ring it may be ripped from the ear. It is known not to chew or eat something whilst you exercise as you may end up chocking on it.

Task 2 (D1)

Study the diagram below. Using these potential risk factors you must write a report which explains why participants are at risk of injury whilst taking part in sport. Explain the different categories, risks and hazards fall under and the risks and hazards in each category.

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