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Health & Social Care Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Describe the duties and responsibilities of own work role: I have worked for Choice support for six years. I work in a homeless hostel which offers tenancy support along with signposting ,for residents to gain more indepth support. Westview House cater for twenty nine residents around substance misuse, mental health and other issues they may be experiencing. My current role as project worker. I’m responsible for providing support which includes: * Support residents with alcohol, drug and homelessness issues * Maintain records for the service delivered

* Support residents in looking for more secure accommodation * Monitoring residents engagement with external agencies I received induction training when I first joined the company. Which provided specialist training relating to substance misuse. Since finishing my induction. I now receive regular supervision from my manager where I can discuss any problems, highlight areas where I could benefit from extra training, also identifying different refresher courses. So I’m up to date with information to help me keep up with standards of my role. 1.2(Q) Explain expectations about own work role as expressed in relevant standards: My duties of a project worker at Westview House are the following : * Support residents with alcohol, drug and homelessness issues * Supporting residents to understand/maintain their tenancy. With this helping residents meet objectives set in conjuction with support plan. * To attend meetings that are relevant for the welfare of rersidents * Encourage residents to show willingless to be involved in the community and show participation in Westview House. * To help encourage residents to pay weekly/fortnightly service charge. Plus monitering rent account. * Give advice to residents on budgeting and paying off debts * Undertake when required domestic and cleaning duties to maintain standards in the project

2.1 (Q) The importance of reflective practice in continously improving the quality of service provided: My personal thoughts of reflective practice, are evaulating how effective you are in your work. Also allowing people that I support to have there views. I understand this practice isn’t a critisim it’s simple changes to make so there is a continious improvement in the support I/ company provide to residents. Common questions that c

an identify continuous improvement are: * What kind of attitude do you have when a resident comes to

the office/ one to one session. i.e enthusastic, easy listening, focused * Things you could improve on, i.e more organised, writing more detailed reports, moving more residents on to secure accomodation, learning more about the benefit syste, being able to use more programs on the computer. * How could you do things differently to get better outcomes in future practice.

I.E. speaking to a colleague for a second opinion on an issue, slower/ faster on a decision that you may of made on behalf of resident, ask resident what there view is on the siuation. Was the expectation to difficult for the resident to achieve. 2.3 (Q) How own values, belief systems and experiences may affect working practice I’m aware that everyone has different values, beliefs and preference. This is due to our experiences, attitudes and beliefs that make every human different for one reason or another. But in a professional working environment you have to adhere to policies and procedures and agreed ways your working organisation wants you to deliver. Which includes motivation, cooperation, consistency, fairness and respect. At some point when you have to deal with a situation, you may have to something that you feel doesnt merit your own personal beliefs. Here are some examples that may affect working practice:

* Religion, If your religious doesnt mean you can force your views on another individual.
* mental illness, alcohol and drug issues
* historic/ present convictions
* sex, age, race, disability
* Judge on appearence i.e unkept, untidy
* Political views

3.1 (Q) Evaluate own knowledge, performance and understanding against relevant standards I feel I very good knowledge and understanding which contribute to me delivering the standards required to fulfil my job correctly. This is my evaluation of the standards I would have to undertake to do a professional job in my industry: * To maintain clear and accurate records, as well as confidentiality records within the work practice * Give residents correct advice on claiming welfare benefits along with monitoring any changes to benefit that may arise. * At all times maintain professional and confidential boundaries * Flexibility in adapting for the service needs i.e. Swapping hours, staying on extra hours so service can maintain support. Being an advocate for resident to gain maximum support and assistance. * Act as a mediator between resident and external agency. * Provide support for resident regarding move on to more secure accommodation.

4.1 (Q) Sources of support for planning and reviewing own development Sources of support, planning and reviewing my own development can be done in a numbers way including: * Support from line manager/ Supervisor i.e. supervision, appraisals, general feedback and observation * Mentor: via witness statements for NVQ, general feedback, help from gaining more knowledge and observations in chosen work field. * Training providers: Helping candidates refresh knowledge and gain more knowledge in working field. * Colleagues: shadowing, feedback, advice and support

5.1 (Q) Evaluate how learning activities have affected practice. Overall learning has enhanced, reinforced and underpinned my skills and knowledge by improving work practices. These are some of the examples of short courses I have undertaken in my role. Learning has enhanced knowledge in how to work with residents in these areas.

* Depression, anxiety and phobias
* Suicide & self harm
* Risk management
* Mental health awareness
* Protection of vulnerable adults
* First aid
* SOVA refresher training

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