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Healthcare Administration Essay Sample

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Healthcare Administration Essay Sample

According to me I m agree with following all question because all criteria mentioned in the article will brings the Hr management at top level at the globally. There are obviously comes the change in the HR profession because everything changes with time and technology just question is what form will exist in the future. HR professionals who have the business acumen to contribute to business strategy at the highest organizational levels are leading the shift in the HR profession from administrators to strategic advisors.

Those HR professionals who understand the language of business, who speak in financial terms and who express the value of their work in relation to its impact on the bottom line make HR a compelling component in strategy discussions. A CEO quickly connects with the head of HR who can present an investment and return, rather than an expense view of the function. This article mainly about the what are the HR related skill you need to run the firm or company successfully and what the attractive work kind of work you need to have in the company by the HR team which put forth company in series of top company Question: What is the most compelling work in HR today?

Answer-There are many area where HR involved in the compelling work like
1. Globalization HR – to take the HR management globally
2. Flawless execution – All of the transactional work that HR does is compelling. Transactions and processing related to employees are critical to an organization. These transactions have got to be done absolutely right—zero defect. Keeping things running well is a primary role for HR.
3. Strategic positioning- The focus is cost cutting. HR not only facilitates the elimination of headcount from business units but also continually takes costs out of its own function. Question: What skills/experience are necessary for the successful HR professional today? Answer- There are five critical skill categories:

1 Business skills–HR professionals must understand the dynamics of business and possess the financial acumen to assess and communicate how HR strategies impact the bottom line.
2. Leadership skills–HR professionals must have the ability to create a vision and strategy and to ensure the alignment of the
organization with the strategy and the ability to manage and motivate a team.
3. Consulting skills–Truly effective HR professionals develop their consulting skills, with a focus on the ability to market their work within the organization
4. Technical skills- HR professional must develop a proficiency in broad HR application and their potential deliver system
5. Global mindset– Global mindset–Business is increasingly global, requiring HR to understand the dynamics of the global marketplace. Question-Within the next decade, what are the primary workplace issues and challenges facing the HR profession? Answer- Competing for talent–What is going to be successful in attracting, motivating and retaining employees? Money is just one piece of the puzzle. 2. Workforce planning–HR plays a critical role in making sure the organization is clear on which people it needs, at the right skill level and location. 3. Compliance–As organizations change, grow and become more global, employers must have ready access to compliance information related to their employees, e.g. employment and privacy laws. 4. Compliance–As organizations change, grow and become more global, employers must have ready access to compliance information related to their employees, e.g., employment and privacy laws.

Question- Will the way in which HR work is accomplished change significantly in the next decade? Answer- The most significant way change will be the changing of the technology on the HR services and employees self-services. There is trend right now for the companies to push the extremes in terms of technology and in sourcing. Over the next decade company will find the right balance of the technology and people. Increasingly, HR work move in to the line, with manager handling the majority of the HR related issues. Question- What are the key opportunities for forward-thinking professionals over the next few years? One of the key opportunities for forward thinking HR leaders is to develop the capability within their functions to meet the challenges presented by business in future. Some company adopting the migration strategy to build capability within HR.

This strategy typically requires having a clearly articulated strategy/design for the HR function 2. Identifying the professional infrastructure requirement 3. ensuring the staff have sufficient knowledge and competencies to flawlessly execute their redefined roles Question-How will outsourcing play a part in the future of HR? Answer- every organization should have unique HR strategy that is tied to a well articulated and executed the human capital strategy. HR strategy will need to be resident within the company and part of existing culture. This is why the HR function most likely will never be totally outsourced. You can perhaps outsource 75% of your administration. You can also outsource some of the deep technical content associated with HR The outsourcing decisions an organization makes must always align with strategic HR decisions rounding back to the uniqueness of the human capital strategy.

Question- Will the HR profession survive in the next decade? If not, how will it be replaced? Answer- There is no question whether HR profession survive in the next decade the only question is in what form Future HR functions will likely be smaller and more impactful. There will be a greater reliance on technology, delivered through internal and external sources. Finally, the line will continue to blur between HR and line management, as HR becomes more integrated into the managerial role. Question-What are the indicators (e.g., economic, technological, political, environmental) that support your firm’s vision? Answer- There are four primary indicator which are important to support the firm’s vision 1. HR professionals need to be equally adept at managing business and people 2. HR is at the beginning of its understanding of the power of technology to change the way the HR work is traditionally done 3. HR professionals need to operate as broadly skilled consultant 4. HR professional must understand the impact of the globalization on business and HR and develop capacity to work effectively on global basis

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