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Healthcare Marketing Plan Outline Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

St. Luke Medical Center based in Pensacola, FL is a hospital that provides quality health care to the people in the community. St. Luke uniquely creates a pleasant environment that specializes in marketing to achieve goals for the facility. Learning Team A will discuss the historical background, situational analysis, market research and strategies of the facility. 1. Background Information

a. St. Luke Medical Center
b. Pensacola, Florida

c. The mission of St. Luke Medical Center is to value and respect every patient and staff member while demonstrating responsibility for promoting wellness and restoring people’s health as safe as possible. Providing job opportunities where staff is capable of growing personally and professionally and educating our patients on how to live a healthy lifestyle. To provide a quality health care facility and services for the community.

2. Industry Background

d. Founded in early 90’s by Michael Luke and that is how they came up with the name St. Luke Medical Center for the facility. The structure started out as an old building with 1-level, 50 beds generally for medical and surgical services. Housing only Medicare and Medicaid patients until 2002 when they decided to open the facility up to the public adding an emergency area. Since then with the new construction, the medical center has grown to a 3-level, 150 beds, and 100 staff members.

3. Situational Analysis

e. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Because of regulated completion within the health care industry, strategy has become of the most important aspects of marketing. According to van Wijngaarden etc.”the introduction of SWOT analysis into the health care industries has given the organization more strategic principles and tools to work with, which makes SWOT analysis so popular” (van Wijngaarden etc., 2012). i. Strengths- New or innovative services to be introduced. ii. Weaknesses- Absence of an effective marketing plan. iii. Opport

unities- Changes in the population or needs of the community. iv. Threats- Loss of key staff.

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Choose a Membership Plan
style="text-align: justify;">4. Market Research
f. Marketing Research Process
v. Define the problem
vi. Determine research design
vii. Identify data types and sources
viii. Determine sample plan and size
ix. Collect the data
g. Primary Data
x. Surveys
xi. Focus groups
xii. Observations
h. Secondary Data
xiii. Internet Web site
xiv. Reference Material
5. Marketing Research

i. The marketing objectives for St. Luke’s Medical Center will include increasing the current market share of patients for this facility as well as the revenue generated. Another objective will be to identify new potential patient populations and revenue-generating areas. xv. By using solid market research and analysis, we want to be able to achieve the following: 1. Identify our target market

2. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of our competitor’s marketing programs. 3. Prepare a marketing campaign that will promote St. Luke’s to our target market. 4. Analyze the response to our marketing program to determine what areas of the program are more effective and need to be modified to become more successful 5. Increase the market share and thus the revenue of the facility. xvi. The market research into this area needs to be concluded with a six-week time frame. Based upon the results of this research, a marketing plan and advertising campaign need to be created and presented to the client within the next 6-week period. Roll-out of the first phase of the campaign should begin as well as analysis of various indicators to determine effectiveness and any changes necessary before the second phase of the program begins. 6. Marketing Strategies (Puneet)

j. In order for St. Luke’s to market effectively, we need to take into account the 4 P’s and select a target market to go after. We need to successfully implement the 4 P’s: product, place, price and promotion, while focusing on our target consumers. As we have been expanding our services and facilities, we face a marketing challenge that will bring forth a new frontier for our organization. We need to market St. Luke’s more by expanding our advertising with commercials and billboards.

Other great strategies for our organization include; reaching out to our community with banquets and fundraisers, while working with our business partners to include B2B marketing. As long as we keep up our health care service to the utmost level, expanding our business will follow and when put together with our marketing strategies we will ease into any change coming forward. St. Luke Medical Center is prepared to render high quality services toward patients and staff with the help of marketing research and strategies to draw the community in. This will allow the facility to meet and maintain the goals that they are striving towards. We all know the general approach to a successful business is to have a market plan.

Scholton, G.R., van Wijk, K.P., & van Wijngaarden, J.D. (2012). Strategic analysis for health care organizations: the suitability of the SWOT analysis. Retrieved August 4, 2013, from http://www.ncbi.gov/pubmed/20603842

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