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A1 Include a reflective account of the role of the practitioner in promoting and maintaining a healthy environment for children Reflect on the practitioner’s day to day practice and how it can promote and maintain healthy environments. Include issues such as:

Positive role model (theory)
Following legislation, policy and procedure (EYFS, health and safety legislation, initiatives) Carrying out healthy routines
Promoting emotional health
Working with other professionals (multi-agency teams)
Working with parents
Keeping the environment safe and hygienic
Promoting inclusive practice (links to EYFS)
(You can include the information you wrote in unit 12 A grade. Make sure you change the title and make it relevant)

Conclude on how important the role of the practitioner is in promoting a healthy environment.

B1 Evaluate the relevance of current legislation as it applies to supporting a healthy lifestyle for children

Look at the relevant legislation we have discovered so far in this unit and any other legislation that you feel is relevant.

Ask yourself these questions:

Does this legislation apply to supporting a healthy lifestyle for children? If the answer is yes, then where can you see the evidence for this? Give examples from practice Does it link to any other relevant legislation or theories?

If the answer is no, then why do you think that is?

Make judgements and conclusions about the use of legislation in promoting a healthy lifestyle for children.

C1 Analyse the reasons for planning and implementing activities which contribute to promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for children

Why is it important to plan activities for children to promote health?

Children can change their attitudes to health
Positive attitudes to health can be built from a young age
Activities get children involved and make health fun
Active learning theory
Meet children’s personal, social and emotional needs (EYFS)
Encourage physical development
Keep children healthy and make healthy future adults
Change health of society in the long term

This is just guidance; you should add more of your own ideas. I have not organised this in a particular order so you will need to plan and organise your pieces of writing.

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