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The “Let’s Move” program was created by First Lady Michelle Obama, to provide children with healthy meals that contain fruits, vegetables, the right amount of vitamins and minerals to include emphasis on the monitoring of calorie and fat content. This program is expected to promote extra funding for after school physical activities as well. America’s school system should provide healthier options for lunch and breakfast because the obesity rate of children is rising. Children are not getting the adequate amounts of nutrients and physical activity. Instead, children are greatly influenced by television and social media websites. It is a fact, more than half of the meals children eat are provided to them in school. It is imperative to make better choices a priority for healthy meals and we must advocate for physical activities to keep our children moving towards becoming physically fit. The Problem: Childhood Obesity Rate

Obesity rates in children have tripled within the last thirty years. Kids aren’t going outside anymore. They are seduced by television, video games and the internet, along with eating unhealthy snacks with fats, sugars and oils. Years ago things were much different. It was easier for kids to stay in shape. Playing outside before dinner, walking to school each day and playing games during recess that required running, were all natural occurrences. Fast Food spots were not as prevalent as they are today. Meals in school and at home consisted of more vegetables and reasonable portion sizes. (Learn the Facts: Let’s Move!). Today, a child’s lifestyle is more sedentary consisting of video games and cell phone texting and the internet. Children have become accustomed to getting rides to school as opposed to walking, and a lot of school sports have been ceased due to budget cuts.

Most gym activities are not conducted outdoors as much due to liability and health issues concerning poor diet, family issues and uncommitted parent support. Parents are busier than ever and children eat fewer meals with vegetables and more fast food. Portions of meals have also increased rapidly in size. Today meals are almost five times bigger than they were in years past (Learn the Facts: Let’s Move!). The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) serves lunch to 60 percent of the total student population, which is roughly 30 million students (Schanzenbach, D.W. 2009). School lunches used to consist of foods with high saturated fat, high cholesterol and low in fiber- and nutrient-rich fruits (Landing Page).

Compared to students who brought their lunch, the students who ate their meals at school were more likely to be overweight. On an average, first graders who ate school lunches consumed an extra 40 calories a day and the amount of extra calories increased with the student’s grade (Schanzenbach, D.W. 2009). If this pattern continues, then many children will deal with diabetes at one point in their life. Statistics state one third of children born in 2000 or later will suffer from diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and asthma (Learn the Facts: Let’s Move!). Extreme changes had to be put in place to change the continuing pattern of the health of our youth and to stop the growing trends of obesity and diabetes.

The Change: Healthier Meals
“Let’s Move!” is a nationwide program started by Michelle Obama. The program is designed to stop the epidemic with childhood obesity. It’s not only dedicated to schools, the program is a combination of parents, schools and the community to stop this issue, but the school is the main focus for this program.

President Obama, in support of Michelle Obama, requested an investment bill of $10 billion over ten years, to improve the quality of the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program. The President and First Lady wanted to ensure that schools have the necessary resources needed to make changes to abide by the program rules, which includes training for school food service workers and upgraded kitchen equipment. Along with this investment, additional fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products will be served in our school cafeterias (First Lady Michelle). “Let’s Move!” based the new school meals on the recommendation from the Institute of Medicine. The new school meals include lunches, breakfast and after school snacks with less sodium and fat and more vegetables.

The right portions are planned for the different grades in school. Kindergarten through fifth grade, sixth through eighth grade and ninth through twelfth grade will have the right calorie amounts to age demonstrating the right portion sizes. Each school that follows the program and changes their meals to standard will get additional funding and the schools would get reimbursed an additional 6 cents for each meal they serve in accordance with the new standards. Principals, teachers, school nutrition workers and parents can help make schools healthier by providing quality food and teaching children about the importance of nutrition and embracing a healthy active lifestyle (Healthy Schools: Let’s Move!). Benefits of program

The main purpose Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign is to reduce the rate of childhood obesity. She realized that childhood obesity started to become an epidemic and that other health issues came along with the weight. She wanted to get children back to the healthy standards they once were years ago. The benefits of the program will help children get educated on how healthy foods are produced and over time influence the behavior change, so children would welcome eating fruits and vegetables as opposed to chips, French fries and pizza.

It will lower the rate of childhood obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure in the future and it will boost a child’s confidence level, to empower the child to pursue their dreams. Since the schools are getting involved to stop childhood obesity, it is a perfect opportunity for parents to get on board as well. In conclusion, although providing healthier school meals will not end childhood obesity overnight, it is a great start. Schools needed to provide healthier options for lunch and breakfast for two main reasons. First, children today aren’t getting the healthy options to eat and exercise like they use to. But most importantly, to promote physically and mentally fit young Americans.


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Thesis Statement Worksheet

During the ENG115 SI session for week 4 we discussed the value of developing a working thesis statement, went over the process for composing the thesis, and reviewed resources to help with writing a thesis. As discussed in the SI session, use this form to help you develop a thesis statement for Assignment 2.1:The Public Needs to Know Draft. Remember to follow the advice from the SI session. You can go back and review the recording, and you can even pause and rewind at the relevant area of the session as you work on your thesis. Submit this form as the last page of the draft (following the reference page) when you turn Assignment 2.1:The Public Needs to Know Draft in for grading. This form will count as part of your grade for the first rubric item: “Provide a clear thesis statement. Weight: 15%:” As a best practice it is also a good idea to bold your thesis statement in the introduction paragraph so your teacher can readily identify it within your essay for grading.

1. Specified Topic for the assignment:

School Lunch and breakfast program

2. Ask a relevant question pertaining to your topic:

What changes are being made to school meals to stop childhood obesity?

3. Answer to your question in step 2:

The “Let’s Move” program provided more money to the education system for healthier foods

4. Elaborate upon the answer from step 3 to develop your thesis:  The “Let’s Move” program was created by the first lady Michelle Obama to provide children with meals that contained more fruits, vegetables, the right amount of vitamins and calories, plus extra funding to get after school programs that required physical activity, started again.

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