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Heart Disease Is the Leading Killer of Malaysians Essay Sample

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Heart Disease Is the Leading Killer of Malaysians Essay Sample

Heart disease is the leading killer of Malaysians. Heart attack came suddenly without the time and place. Plus now the number of heart patients is increasing due to various causes that are not taken seriously in the early stages.

The first is the cause of eating. Consuming a lot of fast food, these foods contain a lot of saturated fat and high in calories. Fat will accumulate in the body if burning calories is not the case. This leads to increased cholesterol in the body then block blood flow and makes it difficult for the heart to pump blood around the body. Next, causing blockage of blood vessels resulting in heart attack. Thus, dietary habits greatly affect the health of one’s body.

In addition, the lack of physical activity is one of the reasons people do not pay attention to health care. They do not set aside time for physical activity, especially exercise. This in turn causes the body’s calorie burning does not occur, resulting in saturated fat accumulates in the body and contribute to obesity. Most obese patients are at higher risk for having a heart attack as a result of fat blobs burned by the body. Therefore, to avoid a heart attack, we should perform physical activity that is not heavy and fit with our own body’s ability.

However, there are several steps that should be taken to prevent heart attack. Eat a balanced diet. Ensuring food intake by dietary pyramid proposed by the health ministry. Additionally sure mealtime schedule, for example do not take food at regular intervals of time breakfast almost merged together lunch. Eat a diet style 5M which reduce sugar, salt and oil, and increase the intake of vegetables and fruits to ensure that our body is not filled with saturated fats are dangerous. It can also prevent the blockage of blood vessels in the body. Therefore, be sure to practice a balanced diet and healthy in our mind.

Next, increase physical activity. Adding exercise activity in the daily schedule though fleeting, for example, do the exercises at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes. This activity, in turn, can produce sweat in the body means clear calorie and fat burning has occurred in the body. This activity can reduce the risk of heart attack.

In conclusion, people should be aware of the dangers posed by heart disease. It separates us whether alive or dead in the blink of an eye. Therefore, if we have knowledge about heart disease, we can reduce the rate of death from heart attack.

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