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Helen Keller was an American writer, social activist and speaker who has became a symbol of human willpower. Keller was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama on June 27th, 1880. Having suffered a serious illness when she was 19 month old, Keller tragically became deaf and blind. Although most people thought that she couldn’t go to school, her parent still hoped that she would have chance to be educated. After seven years looking for help and advice, Keller’s parent finally found a suitable mentor for her, Anna Sullivan, who herself had once been completely blind, but fortunately recovered after several operations. The empathy between Anna and Keller was expected to help them understand each other.

Because Keller was lack of communication in very long time, starting to teach her was very difficult. Luckily Anna was a persistent teacher and her enormous effort was finally rewarded. By special methods, Anna had taught Keller to read and speak, then accompanied her to school for disabled children in May 1888. Keller soon proved that she was a fortitude and brilliant student at every school she attended. In 1900, she entered Radcliffe College and graduated after 4 year, became the first deaf and blind person who have Bachelor degree.

The achievements of Keller kept making others surprised and admired. She had her first book ”The story of my life” published in 1903, which immediately received regard from public and made Keller become well-known. She continued writing career and also devoted her life to help the poor and the disabled. Keller travelled to 39 country as an inspirational speaker to talk about her life and experiences. During the two World War, she had came to more than 70 hospital to encourage wounded soldiers. In 1965, she was elected to the National Woman’s Hall of Fame at New York.

Keller was once proposed by her secretary and she also wanted to marry him. However, the marriage didn’t happen because of family’s disallowance. In 1968, Helen Keller died in her sleep at her home. She is one of the most admired people of 20th century and story about her life still moves million hearts in the world.

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