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Helpful Ways and Tips to Deal with Bullying Essay Sample

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Helpful Ways and Tips to Deal with Bullying Essay Sample

Have you or someone you know been a victim of bullying? Have you ever witness someone being bullied and not done anything to stop it. When it comes to bullying many people still just see it as a child just being young, but it is becoming a serious problem that is leading to many negative things. Bullying has a higher risk factor on girls between the ages of 10 through 14. There are nearly 30 percent of students that has either being bullied or is the bully. There are nearly 160,000 students that are choosing to stay home from school on an everyday basis because they fear that they will be bullied. Bullying is an ongoing problem that causes suicide, emotional and psychological trauma, and even eating disorders. Some people may ask themselves, “What is bullying exactly and how can it cause all these problems?” The definition of bullying according to Wikipedia.com is Bullying is the use of force or coercion to abuse or intimidate others. This behavior can be habitual and involve either one of the following things if not all three at one time; harassment, threat, or even physical assault. Usually whenever someone hears about someone else being bullied they always just think that someone is picking on someone else, when now that’s not always the case. It can be much more than that.

There are some states here in the U.S. that now has laws against someone bullying someone else. Bullying also can be referred to as peer abuse when it’s done in a school or even a workplace. After someone is a victim of being bullied it can cause them to have eating disorders, emotional and psychological trauma, and even bigger things like trying and even committing suicide. There are numerous things that people can do to help someone deal with bullying so that it doesn’t come down to them having the emotional trauma, eating disorders and even committing suicide. One of the first things that someone can do is, when they hear about or see something going on that doesn’t seem right and it seems like someone else is getting bullied they need to report it to someone else. They can do this quietly so that no one has to know who said what. Another thing that they can do is that they can try to talk to the person that was or has been bullied, and see what’s been going on. Sometimes just by having someone else that they can trust and talk to can help them to cope with being bullied. If the first two things aren’t helping then there are many different support groups that’s out there, that are meant to help.

These support groups can have one of the biggest effects on the person that was or has been bullied. When it doesn’t seem like any of these things are helping or if it’s too far into the bullying, then they can be hospitalized, so that they can get the round the clock treatment and so that they are getting the right treatment so that they can get better. Without someone coming fourth with a bullying situation that’s when it can cause a person to have the emotional and psychological trauma, eating disorders, or commit suicide. One of the main things that someone has to go through after being bullied is the emotional and psychological trauma. Emotional and Psychological trauma is the result of stressful events that shatter someone’s sense of security, and making them feels like they are helpless. This can happen as soon as the bullying takes place, and it can also happen when they have to go back through it all by having to tell someone what has been going on. There are many different things that fit into this like; depression, low self-esteem, bi-polar, and sleeping disorders. All of these things are things that someone has to be medicated for and possibly even have to be put in the hospital if it’s too bad.

They are all very serious things for a person to have to go through, especially at a younger age. Another thing that can happen is it can make them feel numb and unable to trust other people, even people that they have once trusted before. This is just the beginning of the problems that can be caused from bullying. Once a person has lived through being bullied, it can affect their everyday life in many ways, including how they see themselves. This is where the eating disorders form. When most of the people that going through bullying see eating as something that they have the control over. If their body image plays a part in them getting bullied this can only make eating disorders even worse. If someone is or was getting made fun of because they were heavier set then others, then they might consider not eating as much as what they use to and even as much as what they should. This would then result in them losing a lot of weight quick so that they bullying will helpful stop. If this would happen to be the opposite, and they were getting made fun of because they were too skinny or way skinner then the other children, then they might start over eating, in the hopes that they will stop making for of them.

Another way that bullying can cause eating disorders is, they can either choose to stop eating altogether because they are so upset at the fact that they are getting bullied, and they can turn to food for a source of comfort to deal with the bullying. No matter what way they choose to handle the bullying they should never do it to where it would affect how they eat. The biggest problem that seems to be happening because of all the bullying that’s been happening to often would be people committing suicide. The rates for suicide seems to be growing bigger and bigger. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among the younger people; this is resulting in right around 4,400 deaths per year according to the CDC. There are at least 100 suicide attempts for every suicide that is committed among young people. Victims of bullying are between two and nine times more likely to consider suicide then the non-victims. Girls between the ages 10 and 14 have an even higher risk for suicide, over 14 percent of high scholars have considered suicide and almost 7 percent have attempted it.

Nearly 30 percent of students are either the bullies themselves or a victim of it, and around 160,000 children choose to stay home from school because of the fear of getting bullied. There are many warning signs of someone thinking about suicide, some of these include; depression, ongoing sadness, withdrawing from others, losing interest in their favorite things and then sleeping and eating problems. People really need to come to realize that bullying is a big deal and that it’s only becoming an even bigger problem. There are people that are choosing to take their own lives just to get rid of the bullying. When someone has a teenage child they really need to learn what the warning signs are and they need to start playing more attention to what is going on around them and their children. There isn’t really any way that someone can stop someone from bullying but there are programs out there that are made to help people cope with the fact that they are being bullied, and there are people that really do care about them.

If you start to notice that someone isn’t right with your child, then you really need to sit down and talk to them, and just let them know that you do care what is going on with them. Suicide, emotional and psychological trauma, and eating disorders are that three biggest effects that comes from being bullied. Bullying is starting to become a huge problem, and people are still thinking that it’s no big deal. How many more child have to kill themselves over being bullied is it going to take for people to realize that this is becoming a huge problem. What would you do, if it were your child, cousin, friend, or sibling that is being bullied, wouldn’t you want to do something to stop it. If people would keep this in mind I feel that over time the number of bullying would be down. I hope this by reading all of this that you learned as much as what I did and I do know that I will be taking a stand against bullying.




Bullying and Suicide



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