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In first meeting with Susan, I would make sure when she first enter into my office she would feel welcome, as well in making her feel as comfortable as I can. Next I would introduce myself and give her a bit of a background of my field in helping her. The next step in meeting with Susan I would address the problems she is having with her son. I would then ask her what is she is looking forward in getting help in to help her with the concerns of her son. Next I would talk with her, to see how she what to handle the situation about her husband leaving, I would ask this, in order to see if she have dealt with the hurt she is feeling. My next step in talking with Susan, would be to let her know that what she is dealing with will get better, and that I’m here and I will do my best in assisting her in accomplishing all her goals she have in mind, in receiving help, then I would let her know that if at any time I feel that I can no longer be of a help to her, I would do all I can do in making sure she receive the proper help.

Once we have made these things known, I would then go over confidentiality policy and then ask her if she have any question, or is there anything she don’t understand, then I would go forth and let her know that if she need other help outside of the help I’m giving, then I would need her permission in order for me to refer her to other outside help, then I would have Susan to sign all the correct documents in this concern matter. I would then show Susan my compassion for her and her son. I would then ask her question that is necessary in order for me to see where she stands. I would ask if she have seen any other type of help before coming to me, in dealing with her son, her husband leaving, and about depression.

If answer yes, I would find out if she, was giving any type of medication to help handle her depression. I would then talk with Susan and see if her past services help her, and if so what seems to help her. Once we discuss all these matters, I would then ask Susan if she would like to include her son in the therapy with her, or would she like for him to receive help alone, for a while and then include the both of them as a family group therapy. After receiving all the information I would thank Susan for coming and letting me be of an assisting to her and her son, and that I look forward in working with her. And lastly I will have her to schedule her next appointment at her earliest convenience.

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